INnet announces significant increase in network performance and increased coverage

Antwerp -- INnet nv, the leading Internet service provider in Belgium, today announces a significant increase in the international bandwidth capacity of the INnet network. An additional 2,5 Megabit/second is on order and is expected to be installed in the first quarter of 1997, bringing the connection to the worldwide UUNET network up to 4 Mbit/s.

UUNET is the single largest provider of commercial-quality Internet solutions worldwide. The UUNET network does not only offer excellent connectivity to the rest of Europe, but also has several parallel links to the USA, with a total capacity of over 90 Megabit/second. UUNET has significantly greater transatlantic capacity than any other Internet Service Provider. MFS, the company that merged with UUNET in August, also announced last month it will construct a fibre optic transatlantic cable with a capacity of 10 Gigabit per second. For users of the INnet network, these capacity improvements give them a fast and reliable Internet connection.

The wide range of Internet business applications is becoming even more attractive to more and more companies. Commenting on the bandwidth improvements, Luc Dierckx, Managing Director of INnet, said "This is the next step in fully integrating the INnet network into the UUNET global backbone. The demand for bandwidth over the Internet grows at faster rates then before. As a part of the worldwide UUNET organization, INnet continues to meet customer expectations." At the same time, INnet announces 10 additional Points Of Presence (PoPs) in Belgium. The new PoPs in Aalst (053), Diest (013), Oostende (059), Nivelles (067) and Verviers (087) are already operational. Over the following weeks, local dialup through modem and ISDN and leased line access will also be available in Wavre (010), Dendermonde (052), Ieper (057), Mons (065) and Namur (081). Today, INnet already covers 82 % of the Belgian market with local access and 100% with local or neighboring zone access.