Internet connector operates, consumes power more quckily

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David Radin from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette gives his thoughts on the MiFi 4510L, also known as the 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot from Verizon Wireless.

Road warriors are no longer happy unless they are constantly connected. They carry laptops, tablets and various devices that must be linked to the Internet to make them useful. That means devices that do the connecting are important.

The MiFi 4510L, also known as the 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot from VerizonWireless, is in that category. About three-quarters of the height of an iPhone (didn’t you like the way I didn’t compare it to the size of a cigarette pack?), the device tucks away easily in a laptop bag or pants pocket to use as a portable way to securely access the Internet wherever VerizonWireless’ 4G network is available.

Like its predecessor (the MiFi 2200), the 4G LTE Hotspot allows you to wirelessly connect devices as securely as if it were acting as your home router connecting your desktop computers to the Internet.

Read the rest of the review on the Post-Gazette’s site.
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