Itron Utility Week 2015: Verizon smart energy solutions take center stage

For the third year in a row, Verizon Enterprise Solutions will exhibit its end-to-end energy and utilities solutions at Itron Utility Week 2015. Taking place October 9 to13 in Los Angeles, CA, this conference brings together nearly 1,000 industry experts from some of the largest companies worldwide to explore key business drivers shaping the utilities of the future, discuss technology and share best practices. Verizon will demo an electric car vehicle charger (in the Itron booth) and showcase its energy and utility solutions including:

  • Itron 4G LTE Smart Meter - delivers broad territory coverage and low latency metering for hard-to-reach locations or territories or for opt-in scenarios.
  • Itron Demand Response Smart Grid - helps utilities with demand response to curtail peak demand, reduce high costs of energy and improve system-wide reliability of the grid.

“Working with companies like Itron is helping Verizon to further advance grid modernization projects in the industry,” said Michael Brander, managing director, energy and utilities practice at Verizon Enterprise Solutions. “This event is an ideal platform to demonstrate how we’re enabling disruption in the industry and how we’re driving innovation in smart grid and in the Internet of Things.”

To learn more about how Verizon is helping energy and utility companies power their digital transformation: