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Kicking off Black History Month

By: Verizon Up To Speed

A letter from Diego Scotti.

Kicking off Black History Month

V Team,

Today marks the beginning of Black History Month. We use the month to celebrate the important contributions and achievements made by the black community throughout our history.

As the sponsor of the Black Resource Association of Verizon Employees (BRAVE), I want to encourage all of you to embrace this year’s Black History Month celebration theme, “All of us… Building Connections.” I have the privilege of seeing some of these powerful connections firsthand through the many contributions this team has made to deliver for our customers, build a strong culture, develop careers and make an impact on the community.

Throughout the month, you’ll be invited to events and hear stories about the black men and women who have made an impact on the black community - both in and out of Verizon. You’ll be able to engage in conversations and share experiences. I hope you join the conversation and commit to participating and inspiring each other to make a difference.

Thank you to BRAVE and the Diversity & Inclusion teams for creating the opportunity to make these conversations possible - they are important.


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