LDDS, IDB add to WilTel's commitment as the carrier's carrier

TULSA, Okla. (March 20, 1995) -- WilTel, with its long history of serving the needs of the competitive long-distance market has announced a new carrier sales organization that capitalizes on its recent merger with LDDS Communications Inc., and IDB WorldCom.

"Over the past nine years, WilTel has forged a solid reputation as the premiere network for interexchange carriers," said Charles Cole, WilTel vice president of carrier sales. "WilTel's network management, product enhancement and customer support set the performance standard for the entire wholesale industry. Now that WilTel has joined forces with LDDS and IDB WorldCom, carrier customers will reap additional benefits."

LDDS, which acquired IDB in December and WilTel in January, is renowned for its expertise in regional carrier sales. IDB offers international access, as well as products and services geared to the international carrier. The result is a new organization offering the quality, service and value to which WilTel customers have grown accustomed, with regional, national and international capability. "LDDS and IDB are ideal partners for our carrier team," said Cole. "Together, we will continue WilTel's long-held commitment to excellence." Denny Pflaum, of LDDS, will join WilTel veterans Bob Brejcha and Bill Trower as regional vice presidents, who will guide carrier sales teams in the United States. Jan Piazza, of IDB, will head the international carrier sales organization as a regional vice president. "

As a former WilTel customer, I understand the level of service and support that is associated with the WilTel name," said Pflaum. "I'm excited to be joining a team so dedicated to excellence for the carrier marketplace." "My goal is to extend WilTel's reputation for quality and innovation to international carriers," explained Piazza. "Service and value are concepts that transcend borders." "The group not only unites management from LDDS, IDB and WilTel, but also combines their respective corporate strengths," Cole pointed out. "With this team, our customers can count on WilTel to remain 'The Carriers' Carrier.'"

WilTel is a full-service telecommunications company that offers domestic and international data voice video products services to carriers large business customers. operates nationwide digital fiber-optic network for its parent LDDS Communications Inc. one of the four largest U.S.-based long-distance carriers. shares trade on NASDAQ Stock Market under symbol LDDS. >