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M2M Overview: Critical Messaging for Hospitals

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Mobile technology has come a long way since the invention of pagers. However, many doctors, surgeons and hospital staff members still depend on this antiquated service. Fortunately, though, hospitals and care organizations are no longer forced to rely on this technology as alternatives are now available that combine today's smartphones with the critical needs of today's "on call" medical staff.
In this video, Earl Powers, regional data director for Verizon Wireless in Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky, shares how critical messaging takes hospital paging systems to the next level.


As noted, critical messaging products offer a wealth of crucial details to those using the system. Whether it's delivery time, delivery confirmation or notification that a message has been opened, this access to information ensures that decisions are made quickly and accurately in fast-paced environments. Moreover, this impressive technology can be integrated with the smartphones used by today's modern medical professionals.

For more information on adding critical messaging to your business solutions, please contact your local Verizon business-to-business representative or visit the Verizon Wireless website.

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