Making Small “Business Ready”

KDDI Japan customers will use VoLTE service while traveling in the United States

Small business owners often have a dream and, through hard work and planning, they realize that dream.

In its latest TV ad, Verizon is celebrating five small businesses that are small business ready, thanks to their use of communications and broadband technology. The ad, which you can see below, is running in these markets: New York City; Albany, Buffalo and Syracuse, NY; Dallas/Fort Worth; Boston, MA; Washington DC; Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, PA; Los Angeles and Palm Springs, Calif.; Norfolk, VA, Providence, RI; Sarasota and Tampa, Fla.

The ads provide a glimpse of what it takes these small business owners to run their business, and how technology is powering their success.

Many of these small business owners have Verizon FiOS Internet service – offered over our all-fiber network – to provide the reliable and the fast download and upload speeds that help them run their business. These small business owners also have our 99.9 percent reliable phone service. The superior network and service experience offered by Verizon’s all-fiber network enables small business owners to focus on their customers.

The beginning of the month is always a great time to review your communications and Internet needs to determine if you have the right services to meet those needs. Don’t hesitate to visit www.verizon.com/business or call us at 1-855-222-4004 for a firm price quote, which means what you are quoted is what you will see on your bill statement.