04.08.2015Enterprise Tech

Cloud Technology Spurs Innovation in the Media & Entertainment Industry

Most consumers realize that it takes hundreds of producers, actors, camera operators, editors, sound engineers, grips, etc. to create the movies, television shows and video games they enjoy, but few understand how much underlying technology is needed to make it all happen. To be competitive, today’s Media and Entertainment (M&E) companies require a strong, secure and scalable infrastructure to distribute, manage, protect and monetize all the digital content they produce.

Built on Verizon’s Cloud infrastructure, Verizon Enterprise Solutions has created a solution portfolio designed specifically to help global media and entertainment businesses succeed in today’s changing digital environment. The idea is to create a media-focused cloud solution tightly integrated with Verizon’s global IP network, managed security and professional services. This provides a complete technology framework to manage digital content from creation to storage to post production to monetization and delivery.

Scott Spector, global practice leader for Verizon’s Entertainment & Media Vertical, penned a compelling new informational report, “Global Media & Entertainment Cloud Ecosystem: Managing the Emerging Digital Workflows,” to get today’s M&E industry executives up to speed.

“As M&E companies look for scalable global solutions to support production of compelling digital content, media-focused cloud architecture is rapidly becoming the central core of operations enabling truly global workflow management,” Spector explains in the report. “The combination of Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Software-as-a-Service cloud-based solutions produces a powerful tool for M&E companies supporting global media workflow platforms and end-to-end content solutions; production through distribution.”

Read “Global Media & Entertainment Cloud Ecosystem: Managing Emerging Global Digital Workflows” to learn more about how cloud services can improve your media and entertainment business.