Meet our #caribbeantechies and learn how their culture has shaped them as women in STEM.

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Hear from three V Teamers as they share their experiences. 

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As a global technology leader, Verizon is proud that our V Teamers represent a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. Here are three V Teamers whose journeys have taken them from their hometowns in the Caribbean to Verizon’s Global Network and Technology team. 

Read their stories on their experiences and perspectives on diversity and inclusion that were featured as part of Caribbean Heritage Month in June.

Narda C. - Verizon Network Operations

In her Verizon role, Narda C. is responsible for managing an automation and integration team that plays a major role in providing efficiency and saving costs for the organization. Outside of work, Narda is committed to standing up for causes that she supports. She is currently a trustee on the board of the Black Parents Workshop Inc (BPW), an organization founded to advocate for Black students in the South Orange and Maplewood school districts of New Jersey. 

Q&A with Narda C.

Sheryl D. - Engineering

Sheryl D. is a network engineer on Verizon’s Voice and Video Engineering Core Networking Team who immigrated to the U.S. from Jamaica at the age of 14. Since then, her goal has been to create a successful future for herself.

Q&A with Sheryl D.

Arlene H. - Verizon Network Operations

As an Area Manager at Verizon, Arlene H. is responsible for building and maintaining the infrastructure for Verizon’s Fios and 5G platforms in the Central Westchester, New York, and Connecticut regions.

Q&A with Arlene H.

At Verizon, we’re committed to creating a culture that empowers. Learn more about culture and diversity at Verizon.

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