Meeting the Demands of D.C. Residents With Fiber

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As residential and business customers in the District of Columbia crave more bandwidth, innovation and speed, Verizon is aggressively building its all-fiber network throughout the nation’s capital to meet the demand – now and into the future.

Verizon’s technicians are out every day installing fiber in communities throughout D.C – about 10 million feet, or roughly 1,894 miles, to date. We expect to completely fiberize the city by 2019.

Fiber optics is the highest-performing, most reliable communications technology available, and it can easily meet data-intensive needs for decades to come. Today, homes and businesses have more connected devices than ever before. More people are watching movies, streaming video and gaming online. With fiber, customers can download a two-hour HD video in just over a minute-and-a-half. Businesses can upload the average PowerPoint presentation in about 40 seconds. Major proposals, medical images and videos all move more quickly over our all-fiber network.

Fiber also is playing a key role in the D.C. Capital region’s emergence at the forefront of technology. The District is fast becoming a hub for high-tech companies to locate operations, and we are ensuring that our infrastructure will help drive that tech growth.

Fiber is about more than Internet speed, though. It’s also about superior performance and reliability. For instance:

  • Fiber network facilities face lower outage risks and are more reliable than copper. As a result, Verizon gets fewer repair reports for voice service on our all-fiber network, compared with our copper-based network.
  • Copper facilities are, by their very nature, fragile and can deteriorate despite ongoing, expensive maintenance efforts.

By investing in the best networks available, Verizon is enhancing its customers’ experience and helping them move swiftly into an era of technological advances and more reliable services.

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