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Verizon is raising its minimum wage for customer service, inside sales, and retail teams. Learn more and hear what our Customer Support team members have to say about it.

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Great news! If you haven’t heard yet, Verizon has raised its minimum wage to $20 an hour for front-line work-from-home employees in Customer Service and Inside Sales. Let’s hear from Nancy Clark, SVP of Consumer Customer Success, and a few of our Customer Support V Teamers who share their thoughts on the news. 

“We’re working to build a service organization that sets our customers up for success. We’re certainly here to serve our customers when they need us, but it's also our responsibility to help them get the best out of the services that they have. We have a fabulous opportunity to attract new talent to bring new ideas to our team.” - Nancy Clark, SVP-Consumer Customer Success 

Support our customers — from home. 

Nancy currently leads the Customer Success team, which is focused on designing the experiences that we’re serving to our customers. Our goal is to build a world-class work-from-home model to better serve our customers, and what ties it all together is the investment in our team members. 

“This is all complemented by amazing compensation and benefits that recognize the value and complexity of the work that we do,” Nancy said. “The compensation and investment in our team members allow us to attract best-in-class talent.”

Customer-centricity and a supportive team environment go hand-in-hand in setting our V Teamers up for success when serving customers: “It’s a supportive environment. Even working from home, you have a virtual support system around you. Our culture is all about investing in people for growth and development,” Nancy shared.

Inside Sales Specialist Kenneth Garcia shares how Verizon has supported him and stood by him as a V Teamer.

Why Verizon? 

We’re committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment and culture for our V Teamers. This year, we were ranked on LinkedIn's Top U.S. Companies, and we were also named a 2022 Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award winner for consistently putting employees, customers, and their values at the center of decision-making.

In addition to competitive pay, Verizon’s benefits are another great way we support employees and meet them where they are. Health and wellness, tuition assistance, and other #VerizonPerks create holistic benefits for our V Teamers to enjoy from day one when they join Verizon. 

“We all have things we’re working to balance — families, education, health, and more,” Nancy said. “This job has a degree of flexibility associated with it to help team members maintain a work-life balance between their personal and professional lives.” 

“If you want to grow your career and you’re looking for a place to start, the very best place to begin is serving customers. You will learn everything from what we offer our customers to the range of solutions they’re looking for. It’s a fabulous foundation to build your career — there’s no better place.” - Nancy Clark, SVP-Consumer Customer Success 

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