Moto 360 2nd Gen smartwatch for the new grad

By: Albert Aydin
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Moto 360 2nd Gen

Whether you’re still out there interviewing and networking or already landed that first job out of college, the Moto 360 2nd Gen is sure to help with life’s next chapter with its high-end design and practical features. It should be at the top of every new grad’s wish list this spring. .

High-end Design and Practicality

Job interviews and the first few weeks of a new career can be exciting and stressful. A good looking watch that also streamlines your mobile life can be a confidence booster to help you conquer the work world with ease.

The smartwatch is designed with a classic round watch face and edge-to-edge display with a thin bezel so it won’t look or feel huge on the wrist.  The large viewing area for notifications and apps helps you look professional while avoiding FOMO (fear of missing out), letting you keep up with your social life when you can’t be on your smartphone that much during work hours.  The Moto 360 smartwatch is also great to make sure you don’t miss important calls or emails from your new boss.

One watch, multiple looks

Your college wardrobe won’t help you much in the work world, and just like one pair of shoes cannot go with every single outfit, one watch won’t work for every occasion.  The Moto 360 smartwatch is designed with a quick-release system making it easy to swap out bands whenever you’d like. Dress up the smartwatch with a metal band or have a leather band option for those casual moments. Make your choice from gray leather, blush leather, and black metal options as stand-alone bands. Have a watch look for every occasion.

The same rules apply to watch faces. Swap out the band for a black metal band and change the watch display to a sleek all-black look. Colorful spring and summertime outfits can be matched with the watch too. You can even take a picture of the outfit’s color or design and set that as the watch face. And for after work when you’re heading to the ballpark to watch a game with new coworkers, you can change the watch face to the sports team logo or team colors for a subtle touch.

Post-Grad Smartwatch Tips

Don’t forget to set your watch to “do not disturb” when entering an interview. Swipe down from the top of the watch screen and tap the “do not disturb” option. That way you won’t get distracted by notifications vibrating your wrist.

If you don’t want app notifications appearing while in a work meeting, you can lock the apps from the Android Wear smartphone app so your online dating notifications don’t show up while you’re focused on landing your first job. Learn more about how to customize the watch.

Accessory of the Month

Throughout the month of May, get $50 off any Moto 360 2nd Gen or Moto 360 Sport smartwatch. The discounted pricing will be available for the month of May as part of Verizon’s accessory of the month promotion.

For more information on the Moto 360 2nd Gen visit your local Verizon store or the Verizon accessories page.

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