Motorola Xyboard: Less is sometimes more

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Jack Wallen from TechRepublic shares why the DROID Xyboard has become his new favorite tablet.

In the race to grow the biggest tablet on the market, I’m reminded of an old SNL skit where one character bragged about how small his cell phone was. Eventually, his phone was the size of a grain of rice. There was some truth to that skit. At that time, the handset market was determined to create the smallest possible device, even at the cost of usability.

Now, however, the race has changed. Mobile and tablet devices are created as large as possible, without giving up usability — and they are winning that race. The Verizon-branded Motorola Razr (one of the more powerful and awesome handsets available) is large, almost to the point of being too big. The standard tablet size — for Android and iOS — is approximately 10×8 inches, but Android tablets can also be found in smaller sizes.

In fact, in some cases, smaller is better. For example, the Verizon-branded Motorola Xyboard tablet come in two sizes — 8.2″ and 10.1″. The numbers may seem insignificant, but holding an 8″ tablet feels significantly different than holding a 10″ tablet. So, in a world where larger is better, why go with something smaller? Let’s take a look.

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