09.17.2015Public Policy

Navigating US immigration law? There's an app for that

Over 55 million Hispanic Americans will celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept 15th – Oct 15th) this year, a month in which America honors the cultural and economic contributions of Americans who trace their ancestry to Mexico, the Caribbean and Central or Latin America. The process of immigrating to America is often a long one and is only the first step towards the ultimate goal – integration into American life and eventually U.S. citizenship. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy for documented immigrants to get the legitimate legal help they need, and there are plenty of unscrupulous individuals looking to take advantage of new immigrants to our nation.

Fortunately, our friends at the National Council of La Raza, in partnership with Pro Bono Net, the Immigration Advocates Network and Verizon, recently unveiled a solution that leverages mobile technology to help immigrants navigate the immigration and integration processes. Immigo is a mobile app that connects immigrants, advocates and caseworkers with resources and legal assistance to aid them as they seek citizenship or permanent residency. The details, courtesy of NLCR:

Immigo is a first-of-its-kind mobile app that provides immigrants and case workers alike with easy access to official government forms, the most up-to-date federal and local news, and information about immigration laws, policies and events, as well as community polling.

In addition, the app includes a “Find Legal Help” feature that allows users to input their location to guide them toward a variety of locally available private and public service providers as well as to qualified bilingual immigration attorneys located nearest to them.

By making this app available for free on Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, this handy resource allows the staff and volunteers at hundreds of NCLR Affiliates across the nation to be ready at all times to assist anyone they come into contact with.

As NCLR notes, Immigo also connects users with a large network of volunteers and affiliates, providing 24-7 help for users located almost anywhere in the country. Immigo is especially noteworthy for being a mobile-first solution, as Hispanic households are more likely to be mobile-only when it comes to broadband access. We’re glad we could partner with our friends at NCLR to use mobility to bridge this critical information gap and multiply the reach of NCLR’s good work.

Immigo is freely available from the Apple AppStore and the Google Play Store.

Read the NCLR's full blog post here.