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Nerd News - Why You Should Want the New iPad

Rob Boggan from Nerd News shares three reasons why you should want the new iPad.

After sitting and watching the official unveiling of the new iPad, I, like many other people felt a sense of underwhelming blah. Sure, they added LTE, and a true Retina Display. Yes, the quad-core graphics chip sounds awesome, but what about an actual quad-core CPU? I hotly debated not even reviewing it, but then I got one in my hands and almost instantaneously seen and felt a huge difference. I only got to spend a week with the new iPad, but already owning an iPad 2, I got the chance to really see the improvements in action and they suddenly didn't seem so minute. Here's a couple of the biggest wow factors that made me, and I would imagine would make any consumer want the new iPad:

Graphics Processing:
Packing Apple's new quad-core A5X graphics chip, the new iPad literally makes everything look so much more superior than on any other mobile device. There's no display touching the pixel density of the new iPad, hell, it even bests a couple HDTV displays. I noticed an immediate up-tick in graphics performance in just about every part of the new iPad, compared to my iPad 2.

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