New Fios Instant Internet service available in parts of Boston and Norfolk, VA area starting January 25

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BOSTON – On January 25th, the Internet as customers in parts of Boston, MA and the Norfolk, VA area know it changes in an instant as Verizon launches Fios Instant Internet service with equal upload and download speeds of 750 Mbps.

With symmetrical speeds like these, Fios Instant Internet has the bandwidth to handle whatever demands a home or business full of connected devices can throw at it without compromising the performance of any one of them.

Other Internet service providers claim to have ultra-fast gigabit-like speeds, but they don’t offer uploads as fast as downloads. But Fios Instant Internet’s 750/750 Mbps symmetrical speeds are now available to homes and businesses in portions of the Norfolk, VA area, as well as in parts of the City of Boston.

“No Internet service provider has come close to offering upload and download speeds like these at such a massive scale as Fios Instant Internet,” said Ken Dixon, president of Verizon’s consumer landline business. “Ever since we decided to build the nation’s largest 100 percent fiber-to-the-home network 14 years ago, we’ve been saying that it is a future-proof technology. The future is now here with Fios Instant Internet.”

Unsurpassed bandwidth for many connections and applications

The average American home had seven or eight connected devices in 2016 – an increase of 64% over 2015. As data use skyrockets and the number of connected devices continues to grow rapidly, Fios Instant Internet can handle the demands of today’s technologies while “future proofing” for the growing demands of tomorrow.

Home users will experience a noticeable difference from streaming to gaming and surfing as the speed, reliability, and bandwidth of Fios Instant Internet allow each user to connect multiple devices and continue their own online activities. Businesses with multiple employees using the Internet, uploading or downloading large files, hosting servers or using other high bandwidth applications such as video conferencing, will also see significantly higher speeds and can improve their productivity by getting work done faster.

Fiber is the future

The expansion of Fios Instant Internet comes on the heels of a 2016 partnership with the City of Boston to bring a new fiber-optic network platform to the city, replacing copper infrastructure. Fiber enables enormous speed and bandwidth for homes and businesses. Fios first became available to Bostonians in December and Instant Internet is now available in the Dudley Square neighborhood of Roxbury, and parts of Dorchester, Roslindale and West Roxbury. Virginia residents in parts of Chesapeake, Newport News, Poquoson, Hampton, Portsmouth, Yorktown and Virginia Beach will be able to order Fios Instant Internet.

Available to millions of customers

To demonstrate just how future-proofed Fios Instant Internet is, Verizon outfitted a Manhattan apartment with nearly 100 connected devices to put the internet to the test. This coincided with the launch of Fios Instant Internet earlier this month in greater New York City / Northern New Jersey, Philadelphia and Richmond. In total, more than seven million customers on the East Coast now can have instant bandwidth when they need it with this new service offering. Priced for consumers at $149.99 a month for standalone service and $169.99 a month for a triple-play bundle with TV and landline phone service, it’s the Internet service for everyone who needs speed or lots of connections at the same time.

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