New Up To Speed podcast, our Network team works through the elements and a V Teamer helps a customer in need. | About Verizon
03.14.2018Inside Verizon

New Up To Speed podcast, our Network team works through the elements and a V Teamer helps a customer in need.

By: Jeremy Godwin

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Yesterday, we released a new podcast featuring Rima Qureshi. Rima’s conversation with host Marie McGehee covers her family’s emigration, how her father influenced her career path, her new role at Verizon and the importance of mentorship especially for women. Second, our Network team is out in the elements making sure our customers stay connected. Next, we share a story from one of our V Teamers. When Todd Kitchen, a Solutions Specialist in Oklahoma City, heard that a customer dropped her phone in a pond, he went into action and recovered her phone from the pond. Last, the new Fitbit Versa is on the way and we are the only wireless carrier who has it. 

The stories.

Powerful Women in Tech: Meet Rima Qureshi

As part of Women's History Month, Verizon's Chief Strategy Officer Rima Qureshi sits down with Marie McGehee to share her story. Their wide-ranging conversation covers Rima’s family’s emigration from Pakistan to Canada, the pressure to conform to perceived cultural norms, how her upbringing influenced her career path, how 5G will change the tech industry and the importance of mentorship today.

The versatile Fitbit Versa is arriving for preorder March 14 at Verizon

Picture the most versatile friend you know (and if it’s you that’s ok too). Ok now put them on your wrist and bring them everywhere you go. Oh and they should track your health and wellbeing stats, carry your music, remind you to move, and look good while doing all that.

todd kitchen in pond


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