New Verizon OccuCam — will connect your eyes to social networks, 24x7

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Friends and family will see what YOU see, every second of every day

BASKING RIDGE, N.J. – Staying ahead of the consumer trend of staying always connected, Verizon today said it is developing OccuCam™, an exciting new wearable video camera that will connect consumers’ eyes directly to their social networks — allowing anyone and everyone to share what they are seeing at any time.

This revolutionary nanotechnology will be embedded into contact lenses and connect to Verizon’s award-winning network. OccuCam, expected to be available in 2020, allows users to connect directly to their social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook and Periscope.

“The OccuCam will reverse what others have tried — those giant ‘glasses’ that can let a viewer see their own content. Now you deliver a streaming service that shares video of what you’re experiencing in the moment!” said Iris Winker, VP-Eye Solutions. “Soon, everyone will be able to see what everyone else is doing, all the time!”

“What’s next?” asked Ms. Winker. “Next, we’ll deliver technology that listens to your thoughts and shares them immediately to everyone you know, unfiltered and unaltered — providing the utmost transparency in how human beings relate with each other. The opportunities for new apps are boundless.”

OccuCam will open a new world of potential benefits. Not only will consumers be able to share their line of vision with others, but a series of new apps will compile data in real time and give helpful feedback. Applications under development include:

  • Cat Watch — Kooky technology instantly recognizes every time a cat comes into view and instantly blasts it directly to all your social channels, so everyone you know can marvel at the cat’s hilarious antics.
  • Cheat-ID we — Players – you’re warned. Cheat-ID knows when you’ve been looking at an attractive individual just a tad too long, whether they’re a coworker, an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend from high school, or even the hot server at the fast-food drive through. Wandering eye? Cheat-ID will automatically alert your spouse or significant other about the potential for trouble.