A new way to capture big moments and little ones, too. Meet Google Clips, now available at Verizon

The smart camera that captures short clips for you.

Google Clips: the smart camera that captures short clips for you.
Bonding time with the kids, playing with the family dog, cooking together with loved ones; when you’re living in those moments, you should be able to experience them yourself and not from behind a camera. And, you should be able to get into the shot! 
Meet Google Clips, a lightweight hands-free, smart camera that captures short clips (no audio), and can be attached to objects like a chair back, or a vase, to get unique vantage points. Smart enough to recognize great expressions, lighting and framing, this small camera captures beautiful, spontaneous moments of the people and pets in your life. Think: joyous and spontaneous smiles that occur in-between the posed pictures. 
Clip it to a chair or toy when you play with your kids and let Clips capture those moments for you. Set it down on a coffee table or pillow near your pet’s play area so you get those random and silly pet moments. Fast Transfer lets you quickly view those moments in the Google Clips app, and share the ones you want friends and family to see.
Focus on the ones who matter most. Google Clips learns to recognize familiar faces. The more you’re with someone, the more it learns to capture clips of them. It can also pick out pets like cats or dogs.
All the processing for Clips happens on the device itself so none of your content is sent to the cloud, or your photo library, unless you decide to save or share it. 
Google Clips is now available online at Verizon for $249.99. You’ll now find the full Google lineup of products at Verizon: Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL, Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Home Max, Pixel Buds, Chromecast Ultra, and Google Clips.

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