New Year’s Resolution Reality Check: 5 Tech Tips to Get Back on Track

Six months ago, snow was on the ground, sunsets were happening much earlier and we were starting the New Year with new goals in mind. Now, flowers have bloomed, sunsets are much later and those goals may have fallen to the wayside. But there’s still time to have a happy, healthy and productive 2015 with the help of the following apps and devices recommended by Verizon customers in the St. Louis area:

1. “As a busy working mom, getting organized is often a goal I set in the beginning of the year. However, it usually only lasts until mid-January, and then we’re back to being our chaotic selves. This year has been different, though. Instead of writing out reminders on sticky notes, I’ve turned to the app HiFutureSelf. The app allows me to send reminders via email to be delivered at any specific time I need them. As a working mom who’s always on the go, I’m great at keeping up with my email, so having reminders emailed to me is a dream come true!” Laura High, Glen Carbon, IL.

2. “In 2015, our whole family made the resolution to lead a healthier lifestyle. Even though we are located all across the country, it’s easy for us to keep each other accountable on the Fitbit app and with the Fitbit Activity Wristbands. Our goal is to get 10,000 steps a day, and halfway through the year, I’m proud to say we are still going strong. It’s so fun to see how my family members are tracking every week, and it keeps me motivated and on track!”Lindsey Herzog, St. Louis

3. “Exercise all you want, but it’s not going to get you anywhere without clean eating. In 2015, my resolution was to finally get it right by allowing clean eating to go hand-in-hand with exercising. To help keep me on track, I use the Pepperplate app on my iPhone 6, which allows me to search for recipes and create meal plans and shopping lists. I can’t believe how much easier this app makes eating healthier. Having everything in one place (along with meal planning) minimizes the opportunity to go off your meal plan, and it helps me minimize the amount of treats I enjoy throughout the day. I look forward to using it the rest of the year.”Sam Cosner, St. Louis

4.2015 is a big year for me; it’s the year I graduated from college! At the halfway mark, I entered the ‘real-world’ for the first time and saw it as a great opportunity to set a budget to make sure my spending was trending according to my very first ‘real-world’ paychecks. With the Mint app, I pay bills, create budgets and see my finances in real time. Mint automatically pulls all my financial information into one place so I get the entire picture. Being a recent college grad, it helps me stay on track and skip on impulsive purchases, at least sometimes.” - Hannah Shirley, St. Louis

5. “In the past, I would make New Year’s resolutions to help improve my body through eating well and exercise. However, in 2015 I wanted to focus on overall wellbeing by lowering stress and having a better work/life balance. The Pacifica app allows me to track my mood throughout the day. Six months in, I’m happy to report this app is still helping me manage a balanced life, and it’s fascinating to track my day-to-day patterns over the last few months, allowing me to avoid stress and anxiety triggers. Lower stress can improve all aspects of our life!”Sean Millican, St. Louis

With these five tech tips, anyone is ready to take on the second half of 2015 and turn it into their happiest, healthiest and most productive year yet!

How has tech helped you keep up with your New Year’s resolutions this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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