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Welcome our newest cohort of 34 #VerizonThriveApprentices! Hear from a few of them and what excites them as they begin their journeys.

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Last June, we welcomed our first-ever class of Verizon Thrive apprentices. And in November, we followed with our second cohort. We now invite you to meet our next class who are ready to thrive.

In partnership with Generation and Multiverse — and in line with the human prosperity pillar of our Citizen Verizon corporate social responsibility platform— our apprenticeship program offers opportunities for individuals to thrive. 

Check out a few of our new #VerizonThriveApprentices who share their powerful and inspirational stories.

Right time. Right place.

While Yohanna Hakeem, former Prevention Coordinator for the Louisiana Department of Health, found her work in HIV/AIDS prevention rewarding, she always had a desire to be in the tech industry. One day, while checking out a popular tech influencer’s Instagram, she saw comments from Generation USA promoting its free training programs.

Having transitioned into a new industry, Yohanna is confident that the Thrive program will develop and nurture the technical skills required for a career in software development. 

“Many people face barriers when trying to enter the technology field (i.e., expensive training programs, skill sets, and educational background, etc.). This program gives me the opportunity to overcome those barriers and develop a meaningful career in a promising industry with tons of job growth.”

Transferable skills.

“I graduated in May 2020 with a BA in Biology, intending to attend medical school and pursue a career in healthcare,” says Kharmalina Tong. “Post-graduation, my jobs as a Medical Scribe, Medical Assistant, and TMS Technician were unfulfilling. I knew I had the potential to do so much more. Over time, I found excitement in the technological aspects of my job. This ignited a passion in me to explore boot camps and various other online learning resources. That’s when I found Generation USA, and the rest is history!”

“I needed a ‘foot in the door’, and The Verizon Thrive Apprenticeship Program has provided me my first tech opportunity. Being an apprentice for Verizon is my first-ever tech job, and I am excited to learn and absorb the ins and outs of what being a Web Developer Apprentice entails.” 

“I am incredibly grateful to Verizon for seeing my potential, and giving me the opportunity to master a new skill set.”

A passion for data.

In his role as a Thrive Apprentice, Joseph Bidas is leveraging his prior experience at a variety of data companies, as well as cutting-edge approaches to data science from e-learning platforms such as Udacity, Coursera, and Udemy. “With a strong background in Biomedical Engineering, I decided to apply my academic research skills to the area of technology, specifically, exploring end-user behavior.”

“I’m a proud Microsoft and Google Data Scientist, with a keen grasp of the profession. Passionate about how data models the world around us, I decided to fully dedicate myself to using data to solve real-life problems.” 

“I am incredibly lucky to be selected for the Verizon Thrive apprentice program. This program provides me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and expertise in data science, but more importantly, the possibility to touch lives at a large scale with my passion and skills.”

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