Now get more with the Verizon Cloud

By: Jenny Weaver
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Now get more with the Verizon Cloud

How many phone numbers could you dial without your contact list? Would you be lost without the text message streams, photos and videos and the music you keep on your device? What if you upgrade to a new device or operating system? Not to mention if your device is lost, stolen or damaged. For many of us who rely on our devices each and every day, Cloud storage and backup is not only nice to have, it’s a must have.

And now, beginning April 17, 2016, Verizon is giving customers even more value with a new and simplified Cloud storage plans on higher tiers with no action required.

Here’s how it works: Verizon will automatically upgrade existing Cloud subscribers on 75 GB or higher plans to new L and XL plans. These expanded plans provide more storage at the same or lower cost.

Verizon Cloud will now come in four simplified sizes:

  • Small (S): Free for 5 GB of storage per month
  • Medium (M): $2.99 for 25 GB of storage per month
  • Large (L): $4.99 for 250 GB of storage per month
  • Extra-Large (XL): $9.99 for 1 TB of storage per month

More Cloud storage options to keep your digital life connected, and a better value. Now that’s priceless. For more information or to learn more about the Verizon Cloud, visit us at VZW.COM/CLOUD.

Jenny Weaver is an external communications manager for Verizon, focusing on network densification and performance, as well as customer experience operations and initiatives. She has more than 15 years of experience with Verizon and has represented the company on nonprofit boards including domestic violence and sustainability.