PCMag.com Internet Speed Test Places FiOS On Top Yet Again For 2013

Third party affirmation from industry leading organizations and publications like PCMag.com, help companies like ours reinforce claims about products and services.

Such is the case when it comes to Internet speed for broadband hungry consumers who want bandwidth to stream videos, multiplayer game, video chat, download and upload huge chunks of content, and use multiple digital devices at the same time for work, school and play.

As PCMag.com editor-in-chief Dan Costa has said in the past, “When it comes to Internet access, speed rules.”  However, the speeds that ISPs advertise don’t always match up with the real life experience of users which led to several recent FCC studies about broadband performance in which FiOS Internet shined.

To address that imbalance, PCMag.com each year asks thousands of its savvy readers to do its own speed tests at pcmag.speedtest.com so that the magazine can create its list of the nation’s fastest ISPs.

Last year, and again this year, our reliable and consistent fiber optic technology led to FiOS Internet being rated the fastest ISP in the nation based on download and upload speed by PCMag.com readers.

Earlier this year, we reported on our string of past PCMag.com honors when FiOS Internet was recognized for its superiority in speed, reliability and overall customer satisfaction, and rated ahead of cable competitors.

For our customers, delivering the FiOS speed advantage speaks, in part, to the reason we reported 5.9 million FiOS Internet subscribers at the end of the third quarter.  Our latest figure represents a 39% subscriber penetration nationwide in the states where FiOS is offered, and we’re working hard daily to make the overall FiOS experience the best possible.

With a week left to shop for Christmas, consider the gift of broadband.  It’s one of the best presents you could give yourself or family members.  To see if FiOS is offered where you live, visit here.