Pedal 4 Paws Ride-a-Thon Coming to a Close


In February, we told you about Jeff and Lisa Arndt, a couple from the town of Oregon, Wisconsin, who were embarking on a cross-country bike trip called Pedal 4 Paws to raise money for training service dogs for children with autism. What makes their journey extra special is that they’re riding from San Diego, California, all the way to St. Augustine, Florida... a bit longer than your standard charity walk or 5K.

Jeff and Lisa have written a blog post every day of their trip, sharing with their readers the excitement of seeing such a diverse and remote section of the American landscape. They’ve shared incredible photos, perspective on their difficult journey and all the gritty details you’d expect to come along with such a trip. To help them document all of these amazing steps, we happily provided a Samsung Galaxy Note II and a Samsung Galaxy Tab so they’d have a connection while they travel.

If you’re looking for a dose of real life adventure, swing by their blog and read up on their trip. Some highlights …

  • Day 51: … They’re almost done! Check it out and give some encouragement!
  • Day 34 marked their 19th day in Texas alone!
  • Day 26 was their halfway point.
  • Day 19 was their 1000-mile mark … and a Prada store in the middle of nowhere.
  • Day 17 was their report from the remote areas of west Texas and a special nod to the Verizon service that has kept them connected throughout their remarkable trip.
  • Day 15 was a dip south of the border into Mexico.
  • And Day 1 … here’s Jeff and Lisa ready to roll from the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

As you review their blog posts, you’ll read about small towns and desert outposts that cut a path across the states of California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana and more as they continue their ride all the way to the Atlantic. We’re thrilled to have Verizon Wireless with them as they chase the tumbleweed eastward and share all of these stories of the great American south.

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