Bell Atlantic Blankets Northeast States with Versatile Palette of Asynchronous Transfer Mode Options

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Bell Atlantic Blankets Northeast States with Versatile Palette of Asynchronous Transfer Mode Options

ATM Service Expands into New York, New England;
DS-1 Rate Included; Other Features Planned

January 27, 1998

Media contacts:

Bell Atlantic
Jim Smith

Hill and Knowlton
Lily Loh

NEW YORK --All of Bell Atlantic's business customers from Maine to
West Virginia now have access to Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) data
transmission services, giving them new options for tailoring high
speed data networking to their specific needs.

ATM Cell Relay service, based on powerful ATM and SONET (synchronous
optical network) technologies, supports applications like video
distribution and conferencing, distance learning, local area network
interconnections, high speed data base access, digital libraries,
research collaboration and Internet support for both high speed access
and network backbones.

This month, the service is being introduced in New York and New
England with three options for data transmission speeds; OC3c, DS-3
and DS-1. In Bell Atlantic's mid-Atlantic region, the DS-1 rate has
been added to the two higher access speeds, available since fall,

"We moved swiftly and enthusiastically after our merger to achieve
synergies between the former Bell Atlantic and NYNEX serving areas so
our customers -- wherever they are -- can benefit from our dynamic ATM
network," said Joe Lucatorto, Bell Atlantic vice president-product line
management for data services. "ATM Cell Relay service is designed to
be networked with other data services, and we will introduce fully
integrated Frame Relay and SDMS options within 1998 so customers can
select the appropriate service for them on a location-by-location

To provide application and pricing flexibility to the ATM offering,
Bell Atlantic is offering sub-rate or partial capacity bandwidth
service on the two higher speed options. Customers can purchase
virtual channel bandwidth incrementally as their requirements grow
using their choice of high quality service options. The options
include constant bit rate (CBR) and variable bit rate (VBR) features
while allowing customers to support both delay-sensitive and non-delay
sensitive applications.

By mid-year, Bell Atlantic also plans to offer an unspecified bit rate
(UBR) option for data transport that can be accommodated by a best
effort type of service.

Also in 1998, Bell Atlantic will introduce several new features and
services. Switched Virtual Connections (SVC) service will allow users
to set up and tear down virtual circuits as required, in effect making
ATM "calls."

As a result of the Bell Atlantic-NYNEX merger, seamless ATM CRS
corridor service will be introduced, allowing interconnection between
New York City and northern New Jersey.

Support of interLATA ATM networks also will be introduced this year.
Bell Atlantic's ATM service will connect to long distance carriers to
allow interLATA and interstate networking. Bell Atlantic will carry
its own interLATA and interstate ATM traffic after it receives the
necessary regulatory clearance to provide long distance service.

"Our customers can have their ATM any way they need it," said Bob
Deaven, ATM product manager. "We know there is significant demand for
ATM DS-1 service. The lower-speed, lower-priced service will appeal
to the financial, education, government and health care market
segments, enabling service to branch offices, K-12 schools and
community health centers."

Supporting the ATM offering are three dozen ATM switches deployed
across the Bell Atlantic serving area. These switches have most
recently been installed in Boston, New York, New Hampshire and Maine.

"We will continue in 1998 and beyond to aggressively expand the ATM
network in response to customer demand," said Howard Hall, Bell
Atlantic ATM product manager.

"This new service is an important addition to our expanding family of
fast packet services," said Anthony Recine, director-fast packet and
LAN interconnect services. "It is a vital element in our approach to
the needs of our customers for just the right data service options."

The new Bell Atlantic - formed through the merger of Bell Atlantic and
NYNEX - is at the forefront of the new communications and information
industry. With 40.5 million telephone access lines and 6 million
wireless customers worldwide, Bell Atlantic companies are premier
providers of advanced wireline voice and data services, market leaders
in wireless services and the world's largest publishers of directory
information. Bell Atlantic companies are also among the world's
largest investors in high-growth global communications markets, with
operations and investments in 21 countries.

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