Bell Atlantic Mobile Donates 200 Wireless Phones to New York City Crossing Guards

New York City, NY - -Police Commissioner Howard Safir, Deputy
Commissioner for Community Affairs Yolanda Jimenez and Bell Atlantic Mobile
New York Metro Region President Charles Hand met today on the steps of
P.S. 20 in lower Manhattan to present 200 wireless phones donated by the
company to assist New York City school crossing guards. The phones, programmed
to dial 9-1-1 at the touch of a button, will allow crossing guards to
summon help quickly and easily in emergencies.

"Every day, our school crossing guards are on the front lines protecting
our children as they navigate busy city streets and intersections on their
way to class," Police Commissioner Safir said. "These phones will allow
guards to call for help without ever leaving their posts and the children
who depend on them.

"The Bell Atlantic Mobile wireless phones also will equip the guards
to serve as additional eyes and ears for the NYPD. Their unique vantage
points in our communities put them in perfect positions to report car
accidents, dangerous drivers and suspected crimes," he said.

The donation is part of Bell Atlantic Mobile's "Wireless at Work" community
service program, one of a series of company initiatives designed to bring
the benefits of wireless technology to communities throughout the New
York/New Jersey metropolitan area.

"Our wireless phones already are in use by crossing guards in Nassau
County and in seven Northern New Jersey towns where parents report a new
sense of security as they send their children to school," said Hand. "These
phones are restricted to 9-1-1 emergency use only, so there is no airtime
cost and no cost to taxpayers."

Police Commissioner Safir explained that the phones will be distributed
to crossing guards stationed at some of the city's busiest intersections.

Over the past two years, Bell Atlantic Mobile has donated some 700 wireless
phones throughout the New York metro area including more than 100 phones
to the NYPD Foundation for community safety projects, including local
Citizen Observation Patrols and Model Block projects.

Bell Atlantic Mobile owns and operates the largest wireless network in
the East, covering 112,000 square miles, and the largest chain of retail
outlets devoted exclusively to wireless voice, data and paging. Based
in Bedminster, NJ, Bell Atlantic Mobile has 5.7 million customers and
7,000 employees from Maine to Georgia and, through a separate subsidiary,
in the Southwest. Bell Atlantic Mobile's parent is one of the world's
largest wireless communications companies, with domestic operations in
25 states and international investments in Mexico, Europe and the Pacific
Rim. For more information on Bell Atlantic global operations visit: www.bellatlantic.com/worldwide.