Bell Atlantic Waives Set-Up Fees for Internet Access Service Designed for Small Businesses and Branch Offices

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Bell Atlantic Waives Set-Up Fees for Internet Access Service
Designed for Small Businesses and Branch Offices

Limited-Time Offer Saves Up to $290 for ISDN Customers

April 29, 1998

Media contact:

Larry Plumb,

RESTON, Va. - Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions is waiving its Internet access set-up fees for companies ordering ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) LAN Internet access service, a savi
ngs of up to $290 depending on the length of the contract.

What's more, the Bell Atlantic telephone companies recently introduced new ISDN line usage packages in selected markets that can save a company 60 to 80 percent over standard ISDN rates.1

ISDN is a technology that provides access to the Internet at speeds more than four times faster than the most common computer modems used today.

"With small business use of the Internet expected to triple over the next two years, Bell Atlantic's ISDN LAN Internet access service provides these companies with affordable, high-speed access for their employees," said Dave Capuano, product m
anager for Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions. "Before now, many small businesses were unable to capitalize on the advantages of the Internet without investing in multiple modems or high-speed private lines. But Bell Atlantic's ISDN LAN Internet acce
ss service, coupled with the new ISDN line usage packages, changes everything by making ISDN more affordable and easier to use."

LAN, for Local Area Network, refers to the linking together of personal computers so workers can share printers and modems, collaborate on documents and spread sheets, and send electronic mail to each other.

Bell Atlantic ISDN LAN Internet access service has a number of benefits, including: connections at rates up to 128 kilobytes per second for users sharing a local area network; a high level of security that results from the use of equipment used to route d
ata at the customer's location; access to Internet news servers; and at least 10 email boxes with domain name aliasing,2 which enables a small business to appear as a large company on the Internet.

The price for the service is as low as $115 per month for unlimited Internet access, based on a three-year contract, including charges from the Global Service Provider (GSP) chosen by the customer.3 Customers signing contracts
for one, two or three years are eligible for the waiver of initial set-up fees. The waiver offer is good until July 31. In addition, customers pay ISDN line installation, monthly and usage fees that now are more affordable than ever.

Customers interested in ordering Bell Atlantic's ISDN LAN service can call
1-800-252-8444. For information about the ISDN LAN Internet access
service posted on the World Wide Web, visit
For information regarding Bell Atlantic's ISDN service, customers can call
Bell Atlantic Small Business Services on 1-800-570-ISDN (4736).
For information about other Bell Atlantic Internet-related services, visit

Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions, Inc., is the unit of Bell Atlantic that delivers a full range of Internet services to businesses, governments and consumers -- from Internet access to electronic mail to World Wide Web site production and hosting.

Bell Atlantic - formed through the merger of Bell Atlantic and NYNEX -- is at the forefront of the new communications and information industry. With more than 41 million telephone access lines and 6.7 million wir
eless customers worldwide, Bell Atlantic companies are premier providers of advanced wireline voice and data services, market leaders in wireless services and the world's largest publishers of directory information. Bell Atlantic companies are also among
the world's largest investors in high-growth global communications markets, with operations and investments in 22 countries.

Benefits of Bell Atlantic's ISDN LAN Internet Access Service

Speed: The service significantly reduces a user's connect time to the Internet with data speeds of up to 128 kilobits per second (kbps), four times faster than a standard 28.8 kbps modem and nine times faster than a 14.4 kbps modem.

Cost Savings Due to Sharing: With an ISDN connection, businesses are provided with a high-speed, on-demand Internet connection for multiple users on their LAN. By avoiding the cost of multiple analog accounts and modems for each user, a company wi
th 20 Internet users could save more than $2,500 annually on Internet access fees.

ISDN More Affordable Than Ever: Bell Atlantic offers businesses ISDN line usage packages that can save them 60-80 percent over Bell Atlantic's standard ISDN usage rates.

On-Demand Access: ISDN LAN service is the ideal solution for companies that do not need full-time access for each employee.

E-mail: Up to ten email addresses using a domain name alias are included in the basic service package. More than 10 email boxes are available for a monthly charge of $4.50 for each additional address.

Security: The system includes built-in safeguards to protect the company's privacy and the ability to include a broad range of "firewalls," which are software programs that block electronic communications unless appropriate passwords are
used or unless a computer system administrator authorizes a system to recognize the electronic identity of a given user.

Reliability: Unlike conventional analog telephone lines, ISDN lines are designed to transmit data, providing reliable, consistent connections.

Easy Upgrades: Because ISDN LAN Internet access service requires minimal changes to a company's LAN server hardware or software, a company can easily upgrade a work group to a higher bandwidth service, such as a standard T-1 circuit.

Customer Service: ISDN LAN Internet access service includes 24-hour, 7-day-a-week customer service and technical support.

1 New prices are in effect in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, DC.
2 Domain Name Registration available for an additional charge.
3 Global Service Provider, or GSP, refers to a company providing the interexchange portion of the service.

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