Cell Phones Give Ohio Turnpike Commission a Unique Tool for Change

Cell Phones Give Ohio Turnpike Commission a Unique Tool for Change

August 4, 2000

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August 4, 2000-CLEVELAND -

Cell phones are amazing tools. They access the Internet, send instant message alerts, play catchy tunes and, in some European countries, are even used to pay for things. Now they can change highway signs.

Verizon Wireless just became the first wireless carrier commissioned to talk to the digital highway message signs used on the Ohio Turnpike for safety and traffic management. Using Verizon Wireless phones as data transmission tools, the Ohio Turnpike Commission remotely transmits changes to the highway message signs from their telecommunications headquarters in Berea. A software program allows the Commission to communicate directly with the 36 highway signs located throughout the state that are now equipped with wireless modems to "read" the data signal from the Verizon Wireless phones.

Highway message signs are located every 25 miles along the Ohio Turnpike to continually warn motorists of delays due to construction, weather and accidents, divert traffic and generally keep drivers safe and traveling unhindered.

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