Cellular One Introduces New, Simple Choice for Wireless Internet and E-mail Access

December 2, 1999—SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.—

Cellular One today announced it will deliver
the World Wide Web into the hands of consumers and mobile professionals
with the introduction of easy-to-use wireless access to the Internet.

Wireless Web Access is now available in all of Cellular One's Southwest
markets, via Web-enabled digital wireless phones that have built-in
modems so customers can surf the Web, send and receive e-mail, get real-time
stock market analysis and quotes, and set up customized personal "web"

Cellular One will offer Wireless Web Access in Phoenix, Tucson, Casa
Grande, Prescott, Sedona and Flagstaff, Ariz.; Albuquerque and Las Cruces,
N.M.; and El Paso, Texas.

For just
$9.95 a month -- in addition to their digital voice price plans -- Wireless
Web Access customers also gain interactive wireless connectivity to Web-based
content providers on demand, like providers of on-line travel information
and reservations, real-time airline flight status reports, and door-to-door
travel directions.

Wireless Web Access Microbrowser provides a lightning-quick connection
to the Internet, at least five times faster than the standard landline
modem. Wireless Web Access Microbrowser customers will also benefit from
a wireless personal organizer, and access to more than 20 leading content
providers, including:

TheTrip.com - the on-line source for travel and flight
reservations   and real-time flight tracking, designed for mobile
professionals and   business travelers

Bloomberg - the latest business news, stock quotes, financial   data
and company profiles from 75 news bureaus worldwide

WhoWhere? - the leading
Web directory with nearly 100 million   listings


AccuWeather - customized weather forecasts and updates from   around
the globe

"We're offering the mass consumer market a simple and inexpensive way
of connecting to the Internet and e-mail wirelessly, using the same digital
handset they use for wireless voice service," said Greg Klimek, president
of Cellular One. "When you combine Wireless Web Access' ease of use, mobility
and comprehensive content with the American appetite for e-mail and the
Internet, it's clear why Cellular One expects this service to increase
mainstream demand for wireless data services."

With 40 million mobile professionals in the U.S. requiring constant access
to e-mail, corporate intranets and inventory, and various on-line services,
wireless data is a market the Yankee Group predicts will grow from $1.8
billion this year to $13.2 billion by 2003.

Cellular One customers can sign on for Wireless Web Access for just $9.95
a month on top of their digital airtime monthly access charge. Cellular
One offers digital rate plans starting at just $19.99 monthly access.
Customers will simply share the monthly bundle of access minutes between
their voice and data service. Unlike some competitors' offers, which penalize
customers for combining voice and data usage by offering smaller minute
bundles than their voice-only customers get, Cellular One makes it easy
by offering one set of plans that cater to both voice and data usage.

Equipped with a Qualcomm 860 digital phone featuring a built-in microbrowser,
customers can access Internet sites that have been specially formatted
for wireless phone screens. The phone is available for $119.99, and the
company also offers additional Web-enabled phones, including the Qualcomm
PDQ 800, which has a built-in personal digital assistant.

customers who prefer to use a laptop for full Web browsing complete with
color and graphics, a connection kit for $79.99 provides a data cable
to connect the phone to a notebook computer with a full-size screen.

of the great benefits of Wireless Web Access is the personal organizer,
which provides customers with a personal "web" page to update their calendar,
address book/contact lists, and bookmarks either from the Web or their
wireless phone.

One is a leader in offering wireless data solutions over its wireless
packet network, including wireless credit card verification and point-of-sale
applications, remote meter reading, access to criminal databases from
laptops in police cars, wireless mugshots and wireless Automated Teller
Machines. Cellular One in the Southwest region -- and its parent company,
Bell Atlantic Mobile -- have close to 200,000 customers using wireless
data. Both companies offer the option of flat-rate wireless access to
the Internet from laptops, PDAs and Windows CE devices.

have years of experience in the implementation and management of commercial
IP networks," Klimek said. "Most other carriers are just getting their
feet wet when offering wireless data services. No other company in the
Southwest offers multiple data networks to meet customer needs."

sign up for Wireless Web Access or other wireless data offerings, customers
can call 1-888-CEL-DATA or visit a Cellular One Communications Store.

Southwestco Wireless, L.P. is a separate subsidiary of Bell Atlantic Mobile,
one of the largest wireless service providers in the United States. Headquartered
in Scottsdale, Ariz., Southwestco markets under the Cellular One name
and provides a full range of wireless services from voice and cellular
long distance to messaging and data. The company offers N-AMPS analog
cellular service and 13 kilobit CDMA digital service, with cellular Caller
ID, Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) and PCSNow®, a zoned cellular
solution. Southwestco provides Cellular One service to Phoenix, Tucson,
Casa Grande, Flagstaff, Miami, Globe, Prescott, Payson, Sierra Vista,
Sells and Nogales, Ariz.; Albuquerque and Las Cruses, N.M.; and El Paso,