College Students Avoid Post-Spring-Break Library Crowds by Using SuperPages.com to Find Nearby WiFi Hotspots

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DALLAS - Students now can find local WiFi hotspots and access university news via RSS feeds on Verizon SuperPages.com. These enhancements are just in time for students who are trying to catch up on studies after spring vacation or attempting to escape from a roommate with March Madness fever.

SuperPages.com is the first Internet Yellow Pages to provide a list of WiFi hotspots for more than 200 U.S colleges and universities. Found on the right sidebar of each university home page, college students can determine if their favorite coffee shops or bookstores are WiFi accessible.

Additionally, alumni, faculty and students can read their universities' latest campus news at Verizon's Campus Area Yellow Pages via RSS feeds. Short for really simple syndication, RSS is a way to receive immediate news updates in the form of a headline. Users can scan headlines or read the full article with a click of the mouse. Universities that have launched RSS feeds include Carnegie Mellon University, Dartmouth University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University.

"Universities are rapidly making campus news available via RSS feeds, realizing that these feeds cater to college students with busy schedules," said Robyn Rose, vice president of Internet Marketing for Verizon SuperPages.com. "As more universities adopt the RSS feed trend, SuperPages.com will incorporate the feeds on the specific university pages."

Introduced in spring 2003, Verizon's Campus Area Yellow Pages is an easy-to-use online reference showing where to find local businesses near hundreds of college campuses in all 50 states. Find local pizza parlors, movies, coffee shops, self-service laundries or any other type of merchant located close to school. To access college-area listings, go to www.superpages.com and click on Campus Area Yellow Pages on the left-hand tool bar.

About Verizon SuperPages.com
Verizon Information Services, a division of Verizon Communications Corp. (NYSE:VZ), is the nation's most advanced provider of yellow pages and related shopping information. It has $3.5 billion in revenues from products including: Verizon Yellow Pages; Verizon SuperPages.com (www.superpages.com), the nation's best Internet directory and a leading online shopping resource; and the SuperPages On the Go information directory offered through Verizon Wireless Get It Now services and on other wireless carriers. The company is the largest publisher of Hispanic directories in the U.S. and the first to provide a Hispanic online shopping resource (www.superpages.com/espanol).


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