Consumers and Small Businesses Find Spring Values in Bloom With Verizon Bundled Offers

Spring values are popping up all around for consumers and small businesses that choose Verizon.  Starting Monday (April 19), the company is introducing a broad selection of FiOS and High Speed Internet (HSI) bundled packages of voice, Internet and TV services for its customers, with long-term price guarantees.

"We've got the best network, more choices and now even more savings long term for customers, with our two-year price protection bundles," said Mike Ritter, Verizon chief marketing officer for consumer wireline and business services.  "We've got the plans to meet our customers' lifestyles and budgets, plus the benefit of Verizon's super-fast Internet connections, a variety of high-definition, premium and on-demand TV channels, and our reliable voice services - all bundled into one package."

All customers who use self-service ordering tools and sign up for any of Verizon's consumer bundled packages online at www.verizon.com/bundles will receive an additional discount of $5 a month for the same 24-month plan, for a total of $120 in additional savings. 

Starting this week, Verizon FiOS Internet and HSI customers subscribing to Verizon Internet Security Suite powered by McAfee and Online Backup and Sharing 50 gigabyte (GB) bundle can receive the first 90 days for free.

Key highlights of new FiOS and High Speed Internet offers from Verizon feature:

Verizon FiOS Bundles

Verizon's current lead offer of FiOS service is a triple bundle of more than 40 HD channels with FiOS TV Prime HD, up to 15 Mbps (megabits per second) downstream and up to 5 Mbps upstream FiOS Internet and FiOS voice service for $99.99 a month.  With a guaranteed rate for 24 months, that's a savings of $240 over regular prices.

Customers can choose from a variety of other video offerings, with up to 140 HD channels and a wide selection of premium content, as well as FiOS Internet speeds of up to 50 Mbps downstream and symmetrical speeds of up to 35 Mbps.

New FiOS TV customers also can chose a free multi-room DVR for six months or standard DVR free for six months or one of several movie-channel  packages, such as HBO, Cinemax, EPIX or the FiOS TV Movie Package, also free for six months.  Total savings off regular prices for these triple bundles can be as much as $497.94 over regular prices for the 24-month term of the bundles. 

New double- and triple-play bundles are available with a 24-month service agreement that guarantees the customer's rate will not change for two years.  FiOS bundles are also available in month-to-month plans that do not require a minimum term agreement. 

For more information on Verizon's various FiOS bundled packages click here.

Verizon High Speed Internet Bundles

New customers opting for a qualifying Verizon's High Speed Internet bundles can choose one of two value-packed offers - $89.99 per month for the first year, or $99.99 per month with $150 cash back via a reward card. These offers are available for either the up-to 3 Mbps or up-to 7.1 Mbps HSI bundle.  Both of these bundles include DIRECTV® CHOICE XTRAÔ plus free DVR service, plus free SHOWTIME® service for the year and free STARZ® Movie Channel for three months. 

One-year Verizon agreements and two-year DIRECTV agreements apply.  Additional triple plays with HD and premium content are also available.     

New qualified customers choosing Verizon's HSI double play can lock in two-year pricing for unlimited nationwide residential calling and either up-to-3 Mbps or 7.1 Mbps service for $59.99 per month.  These customers can also opt for the $69.99 per month price point for one year, which includes $150 cash back via a reward card.
For more information on Verizon's High Speed Internet bundled packages click here.

For more information on Verizon's consumer bundle options and to order service, customers can visit www.verizon.com/bundles or call Verizon at 1-800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966).

Small-Business Customers Get Free* High Speed Internet for One Year

"We offer small businesses the total, easy-to-set-up business toolkit on the best network at tremendous savings," said Monte Beck, vice president of small-business products and services for Verizon. "Only with Verizon do small businesses get 24 x 7 care and technical support whenever they need assistance, the Verizon Small Business Center**, free Webinars, access to host online meetings, discounts for shipping, supplies, and so much more."

This spring, small-business customers looking for the most value can enjoy fast, free*  Internet (after applied credits on qualifying services) for one year by signing up for the Verizon total business solution, which features Verizon High Speed Internet, Internet security solutions, 25 GB of online data storage and unlimited nationwide calling. Plus, customers signing up for the total business solution get a free standard modem.  Full offer* details below; available to customers with qualifying services; expires Aug, 21, 2010.

All of Verizon's small-business broadband packages include access to thousands of Wi-Fi** hot spots nationwide.

All small-business customers who use self-service ordering tools and sign up for any of Verizon's business bundled packages online at www.verizon.com/smallbusiness will receive an additional discount of $5 a month for 12 months, for a total of $120 in more savings.

Verizon's new offers for small-business customers include:

Verizon High Speed Internet for Business Bundles 

Small businesses can receive fast, free* Internet service for one-year (after applied credits on qualifying speeds) by signing up for the Verizon total business solution, which includes Verizon High Speed Internet, Internet security solution, 25 GB of online data storage, and unlimited nationwide calling with five of the most popular calling features - savings of over $380.  This total business solution starts at $61.99 per month* for the first year with a three-year bundle agreement (Previously, this bundled package started at $84 per month.) Offer* expires Aug. 21, 2010.

Add award-winning DIRECTV service to the above total business solution, and bundled packages start at $96.98 per month for the first year with a three-year bundle agreement.  Small-business customers can easily tailor their bundled packages by adding additional phone lines or other services.

Verizon FiOS Internet for Business Bundles

Small businesses can afford big-business bandwidth with Verizon's FiOS Internet for Business service at symmetrical up-to-25 Mbps/25 Mbps speeds; when bundled with Verizon Freedom for Business, superfast Internet speed and unlimited calling start at $84.99 per month with a three-year bundle agreement.  Add FiOS TV Prime HD with 103 channels to superfast Internet and unlimited calling and prices for all three services start at $129.99 per month with a three-year bundle agreement.

New FiOS Internet small-business bundle customers also receive a free wireless router and 25 GB of Verizon Online Backup and Storage (VOBS) backup storage and the Verizon Internet Security Suite (VISS) free for the first 12 months of a three-year bundle agreement.  Offer expires Aug 21, 2010.
For more information on Verizon's small-business bundled packages click here.

In addition to Internet, TV and phone service, Verizon also offers small businesses encryption and security solutions, as well as additional discounts on supplies, shipping and much more.  For more information on Verizon's products and services for small businesses please call 888-481-0387 or visit www.verizon.com/smallbusiness.

*Free HSI promotional offer available to business customers new to HSI, VISS/VOBS and Bundled plan, subject to credit review.  Offer fulfilled via $31.99 bill credit for 12 months based on cost of up to 3Mbps HSI service.  Standard rates apply after 1st year. 

**With the near completion of Frontier Communications Corp.'s planned acquisition of Verizon Communications Inc.'s landline accounts and other assets in 14 states, free Wi-Fi hotspot access will only be  available to remaining Verizon customers, not those transferring over to Frontier.  Additionally, those customers will have limited access to the Verizon Small Business Center.

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