Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Consolidates Global Communications With Verizon Business

COPENHAGEN, Denmark - The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has chosen Verizon Business to consolidate its global communications over a single IP network. Through its fully managed Verizon Private IP solution, the company will provide a secure, centralized communications infrastructure for the ministry's employees around the world, helping to reduce administration and provide cost efficiencies. The ministry has also deployed video conferencing over the network, enabling employees to collaborate from wherever they are based.

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs represents Danish citizens and Danish interests in all major capital cities of the world, with about 115 outposts in 95 countries. The ministry's activities include researching new economic opportunities and providing an information-and-support resource for Danish citizens, while collaborating on, and implementing changes in, foreign policy. Given the ministry's global presence, and the need for its employees to collaborate daily with the Danish Government and other domestic authorities to articulate real-time responses to local requests and activities, a fast, reliable and secure information-exchange infrastructure is mission-critical. 

Lars Steen Nielsen, IT director, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said, "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes its living by gathering and exchanging knowledge from all parts of the world, with our communications network acting as one of the ministry's nervous systems. Our IT department has been exploring ways of optimizing our use of IT and communications technologies to ensure we effectively support our activities around the globe. By opting for a fully managed solution from Verizon Business, we are able to focus our efforts on our global operations, safe in the knowledge that our communications are in secure hands."

By consolidating its communications over Verizon Private IP with its high quality of service, the ministry is able to implement IP-enabled applications such as VoIP and on-demand video conferencing.  Communications traffic is prioritized via strict service level agreements, ensuring the most efficient delivery of business-critical information. The result is an always available, high-quality communications infrastructure to support virtual team meetings, crisis talks and even broadcast media interviews.

"We are experiencing clear benefits from working with Verizon Business," said Nielsen. "Our global team now has significantly enhanced collaborative technologies at its disposal, and we are also able to better manage our overall network, with efficiencies in cost and performance improvements. All our internal communications run over the network, including those from the most remote locations of our network. Our relationship with Verizon Business plays a truly important role in our overall global strategy."

Frank Enevoldsen, country manager, Verizon Business Denmark, said: "For government agencies, security and quality are as important as speed when it comes to communications infrastructure. Our solution for the Danish Ministry shows how Verizon Business' global reach, advanced IP networking capabilities and innovative technology solutions combine to meet the  ministry's evolving needs all over the world.  From Brussels to Baghdad, or Copenhagen to Cairo, Verizon Business is committed to helping the ministry and all the ministry's clients achieve their mission-critical goals in an increasingly global world."

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