DOJ Signals Green Light to Verizon Long-Distance Application for Connecticut

WASHINGTON - The Department of Justice (DOJ) today announced that it cleared Verizon's application to provide long-distance service in Connecticut. The Federal Communications Commission will make the final decision on the company's Connecticut filing. The statutory deadline for the FCC's decision is July 20. The following response may be attributed to John Thorne, Verizon senior vice president and deputy general counsel.

"The opinion issued today by the Department of Justice validates that our application meets the 14-point checklist for Verizon to enter the long-distance market in Connecticut. We serve the communities of Byram and Greenwich with about 60,000 local lines in the state. Our customers there deserve to have the benefits of competition that their neighbors in New York and Massachusetts have enjoyed since Verizon was allowed to offer long distance in those states. In New York, customers are saving $700 million annually on their local and long-distance bills, according to the Telecommunications Research and Action Center. We look forward to the timely approval of our application by the Federal Communications Commission so that we can begin providing long-distance service in Connecticut this summer."

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