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Eurotel Introduces Internet Billing Option Wireless Messaging Service to Czech Market

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Eurotel Introduces Internet Billing Option,
Wireless Messaging Service to Czech Market

New Network Operations Center
Goes On Line in Prague

May 14, 1998

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Steve Fleischer,

Brian R. Wood,

PHILADELPHIA -- EuroTel Praha, the Czech Republic's largest wireless
communications provider and a Bell Atlantic wireless investment, has
introduced the country's first Internet-based account management service
for mid-to large-sized business customers looking for a real-time, secure,
and convenient way to access their account information and manage the
costs associated with their mobile services.

Encrypted files containing monthly billing details can be viewed by account,
by group, by user, and even by individual call from any computer with
Internet access and a web browser. The information can then be
transferred to internal customer accounting systems for additional report
tailoring, analysis, and records archiving.

EuroTel Praha is one of the first mobile network operators in the world to
offer this level of online service.

To tap the growing Czech demand for wireless messaging, EuroTel has
also introduced Short Messaging Service (SMS), which allows customers
to transmit voice, short messages, and data files through the same wireless
service package using their GSM digital phones.

SMS expands the range of applications that can be served by wireless
networks, including fleet management, credit card verification, stolen
vehicle tracking, alarm monitoring, and remote meter reading. The service
uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to record and transfer data to
the mobile network.

To improve management of its widening array of new services, a customer
base over 400,000, a network of some 1,600 transmitting sites, five
switches, and other physical plant, EuroTel has also built a new network
monitoring center in Prague. Technicians at the new facility remotely
monitor every network element through a single graphical interface, and
track service alarms, including natural and mechanical hazards.

The system also provides a link to EuroTel's customer care center to aid in
trouble ticketing and customer notification. Large screens project various
levels of network detail, allowing specialists to quickly see the status of
EuroTel's network, inform customer care and field technicians, and remedy
network issues before they affect customers.

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