'Follow Me' Service Helps Callers Reach You at the Office, at Home or on the Road with One Phone Number

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'Follow Me' Service Helps Callers Reach You
at the Office,
at Home or on the Road with One Phone

Bell Atlantic Introduces Universal Number
In Eastern Massachusetts

Jan. 19, 2000


Jack Hoey, Bell Atlantic,

Michael Goff, Linx Communications,

BOSTON - One phone number is all callers need to reach you with Bell
Atlantic's new "Follow Me" service, available today in the
617, 508, 781 and 978 area codes of eastern Massachusetts.

Follow Me, provided by Linx Communications of Newton, Mass., helps
assure you don't miss critical calls and simplifies reaching you. Callers no
longer need to have all your phone numbers as well as where you are
before they can reach you.

"It's ironic that having more phone numbers can sometimes make
busy people on-the-go harder to reach," said Julie Phillips, Bell
Atlantic Follow Me product manager. "With this new service, your
important calls will follow you everywhere you are - in your home, in
your office or on the road."

Subscribers are assigned a single, local "universal" number as
well as a personal toll-free (800/888) universal number. When a call is
placed to the universal number, it instantly rings at all three locations
selected by the customer, typically at home, at work and on a cellular
phone. In addition, Follow Me service can also dial a pager. When the
call is answered, the subscriber hears the name of the caller first and can
then take the call or send it to voice mail.

Unanswered calls are automatically forwarded to a voice mailbox,
allowing customers to retrieve all their messages by making one call to
their mailbox. The subscriber also can set up the voice mailbox to page
them when a new message arrives in the mailbox. Another voicemail
feature allows the customer to automatically return a call to the person
who left a message by pressing a key on a Touch-Tone telephone.

Using a Touch-Tone telephone or a Web interface, the subscriber may turn
the Follow Me feature on or off and change the numbers that the universal
number will call. They can also listen to their messages on properly
equipped PCs.

The service is $10.99 monthly. For those who sign up by March 15, the
first month is free and the $14.99 connection fee will be waived. Usage
charges also may apply. To subscribe or for more information call 1-888-
526-9100, weekdays 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., or
visit www.BellAtlantic.com/foryourhome.

See attached Follow Me Service Fact Sheet with press release.

Bell Atlantic is at the forefront of the new communications and
information industry. With more than 43 million telephone access lines
and more than 10 million wireless customers worldwide, Bell Atlantic
companies are premier providers of advanced wireline voice and data
services, market leaders in wireless services and the world's largest
publishers of directory information. Bell Atlantic companies are also
among the world's largest investors in high-growth global communications
markets, with operations and investments in 23 countries.

Jan. 18, 2000

Bell Atlantic 'Follow Me' Fact Sheet

Rate Information:

The $10.99 monthly rate for Follow Me1 service includes:

  • All calls to a subscriber's local Universal Number to receive calls and
    listen to messages.

  • 100 minutes of use for outbound calls the service makes to the
    subscriber's Follow Me numbers (e.g. home, work and cellular phone) and
    for call returns and calls placed from the Follow Me account.

  • Outbound calls to area codes 508, 617, 781, 978 apply to the 100
    minutes of use. After 100 minutes have been used, a usage charge of 5.9¢
    per minute applies.

    The monthly rate does not include:

  • Outbound calls to all other area codes incur usage charges of 14.9¢ per

  • All personal 800/888 numbers incur usage charges for both inbound and
    outbound calls. Usage charges for personal 800/888 numbers are 12¢ per
    minute for inbound plus 5.9¢ per minute for outbound calls to area codes
    508, 617, 781, 978 and 14.9¢ per minute for outbound calls to all other
    area codes.

    Technical Requirements:

  • Follow Me service works with a 12-button Touch-Tone phone with
    "*" and "#" keys.

  • The voice mailbox has a total capacity of 40 messages.

  • To listen to voice messages over the Internet, each subscriber's computer
    must have software that can play WAVE (*.wav) files and a sound card.
    The required software programs are available on the Internet at no charge.
    The sound card is the responsibility of the subscriber.

  • A Follow Me instruction guide will be sent upon receipt of the
    customer's order.

    How to Order:
    This special offer is available only by calling 1-888-526-9100 and is not
    available through local Bell Atlantic Business Offices.

    1 All rates and charges are before any taxes, and are subject to change.
    Follow Me
    is not available in all Bell Atlantic service areas and other restrictions apply.

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