Friends Fanatics Can SMS Favorite Show Trivia

Friends Fanatics Can SMS Favorite Show Trivia

Tell Friends IB THR 4U with Verizon Wireless' Mobile MessengerSM
Short Text Messages

May 14, 2002




As the season finale of Friends approaches, test the knowledge of your friends by asking them trivia from the hit show. Whether hanging out in your favorite coffee shop or playing foosball with the neighbors, Verizon Wireless' Mobile Messenger is there for you with a fun, fast and discreet way to communicate. With the dictionary below, sending short text messages to your friends has never been easier:

    Ross = RG

    Rachel = RA

    Monica =MG

    Chandler = CB

    Phoebe = PB

    Joey = JT

    Rachel's Baby = ra

    Central Perk = CP^

    Smelly Cat = ~CT

    Ugly naked guy = :(NKDG

    Ursula = PB2

    Paleontologist = RG JOB

    Dr. Drake Ramoray = DDR8K RMRA

    I'll be there for you = IB THR 4U

    The break = -/-

    Ralph Lauren = RL

    How YOU Doin? = HYD?

    Gunther = GUN

If you really want to WOW your FRNDs with your knowledge of the show, turn the terms above into trivia:

  • SNGS ~CT? PB

    (Who sings Smelly Cat? Phoebe)
  • BG FGHT RA/RG? -/-

    (What was the big fight between Rachel and Ross about? The break.)

    (Who played Chandler's dad in a recent episode? Kathleen Turner.)

    (Who is Rosita? Joey's favorite armchair.)
  • #ME NODS? 33

    (How many Emmy® nominations has Friends received? Thirty-three.)
  • ra B/G? G

    (Will Rachel's baby be a boy or girl? Girl.)
  • YR 1ST AIR? 94

    (What year did the show first air? 1994.)

    (Name some recent guest stars. Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Susan Sarandon.)

    (Where does Ross live now? Ugly naked guy's old apartment.)
  • #RG WED? 3

    (How many times has Ross been married? Three.)
  • RA+RG or JT? RG

    (Will Rachel end up with Ross or Joey? Ross.)

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