GTE to help Internet and Online Service Providers expand their dial-up networks by creating points of presence (POPs). CyberPOP(SM) will provide fast Internet access at speeds of 28.8 kbps and above.

IRVING, Texas -- GTE today introduced its CyberPOP (SM) service to help Internet and Online Service Providers (ISPs and OSPs) cost effectively expand their high-speed, dial-up networks and grow their customer base.

CyberPOP, a data aggregation service that provides

central-office-based remote access for ISPs and OSPs, creates a "point of

presence" for companies that operate in, or near, GTE's 28-state serving


"By creating the CyberPOP solution, GTE will enable Internet and

Online Service Providers to offer cost-effective and timely access in many

new markets," said Larry Sparrow, president-Carrier Markets for GTE

Telephone Operations. "CyberPOP will enable companies to significantly

reduce their capital expenditures, and gain a competitive advantage by

speeding up the time it takes for them to expand their Internet network."

"With the phenomenal growth of Internet and on-line traffic, ISPs and

OSPs can count on GTE to help position them on the front-end of the growth

curve in new markets," Sparrow added.

GTE's CyberPOP service is available today in approximately 130

markets, and several companies already use the service. In addition to

supplying a significant number of dial-up ports, GTE's CyberPOP service

provides a combination of computer servers, routers and high-speed modems,

as well as national equipment maintenance and network management


CyberPOP service supports multiple speeds of Internet access

Within each local calling area, companies using GTE's CyberPOP

service can deliver Internet access to consumers at speeds up to 28.8 kbps,

and also has the capability to support the newer 56 kbps modems.

To accommodate the demand for higher bandwidth, GTE can also provide

Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), which allows rapid,

high-quality transmission of voice, video and data over a single telephone

line at speeds 10 times faster than a conventional modem.

"By establishing dial-up ports within the central office environment,

GTE can effectively manage a much higher grade of service for ISPs and

OSPs," said Chris Brickler, GTE Internet access services product manager.

In addition to providing the central office-based service, he said that

"the experience GTE has already gained this year has positioned us as the

industry leader in providing local network solutions to this market

segment. We look forward to expanding our customer base and portfolio of

cyber services."

CyberPOP supports multiple standard Internet protocols including

TCP/IP, IPX, PPP, Multilink PPP, SLIP, CSLIP, Telnet, Dynamic Address Per

Call, Static Address Per Call, UDP, ARP and ICMP. CyberPOP supports

several modem types including V.34, V.32 and V.32bis, and will also

incorporate the emerging 56 kbps analog modems. GTE's service currently

offers equipment from multiple platforms including Cisco Systems, Bay

Networks, Ascend and US Robotics.

With revenues of $20 billion in 1995, GTE is one of the largest

publicly held telecommunications companies in the world. GTE is also the

largest U.S.- based local telephone company and a leading cellular-service

provider -- with wireline and wireless operations that form a market area

covering about one-third of the country's population. Additional

information about GTE can be found on the Internet at http://www.gte.com.

EDITOR'S NOTE: GTE will be showcasing its CyberPOP and other

Internet-related services at the Internet World Fall '96 trade show in New

York City, Dec. 11-13, booth #1529, press room #2. Reporters who wish to

schedule an interview before or during the show can contact GTE at

972/718-6924, or via pager at 1-800-759-7243, PIN 2207395.