GTE Internetworking supports K56flex modem technology platform; speedier 56 kbps dial-up access to the Internet now offered to customers nationwide.

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IRVING, Texas -- GTE Internetworking, one of the most rapidly growing national Internet service providers, today announced its support for the K56flex modem technology platform, and will immediately begin offering 56 kbps dial-up access to the Internet in nearly 400 of its points of presence nationwide. The company currently has 250,000 dial-up residential and small business customers nationwide.

The 56 kbps modems offer higher performance and faster connections than standard 28.8 and 33.6 kbps modems, and will make a customer's Internet experience "more useful, enjoyable, and considerably more exciting," said Michael Bolduc, director-product management for GTE Internetworking Services, a division of GTE Internetworking.

"In supporting the K56flex platform, we honor our commitment toensure that our customers benefit from the most advanced technology commercially available today," added Bolduc. "Many of our most technologically demanding subscribers have asked us to provide them with 56 kbps access, and we are pleased to give them an early Christmas present."

Using the higher-speed 56 kbps modems, subscribers can transmit data "downstream" to their computers at speeds up to 56 kbps, and "upstream" to the Internet at up to 33.6 kbps. The 56 kbps modems speed the delivery of graphics-intensive, audio and video files, dramatically reducing the time users have to wait while surfing the World Wide Web.

The K56flex technology, developed by Rockwell Semiconductor Systems and Lucent Technologies, enables high-speed Internet downloads over a standard telephone line, and bridges the gap between analog modem transmission rates and the 128 kbps rates available from Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) fully digital connections.

"The introduction of 56K access will help to further accelerate the use of the Internet, and we expect many of our customers will take advantage of the higher-speed service," Bolduc added. GTE's nationwide Internet service,, is available
in all 50 states, plus the District of Columbia. Dial-up analog access is available for $19.95 per month for unlimited use, and includes five Megabytes of drive space on a web server for a personal home page and 24 hour/7 day technical support. Under a separate plan, users can order the service for $17.95 (discount good for one year) per month when ordering GTE long-distance service or a second telephone line. Technical support is available from GTE's Internet help desk seven days a week, 24 hours a day. To order GTE Internet service, customers can call 1-888-GTE-SURF (1-888-483-7873).

To support the new 56 kbps offer, GTE has teamed with Zoom
Telephonics, who will offer GTE Internet subscribers reduced prices on its 56K modems.

"Users who take advantage of this offer will be able to surf the Internet at faster speeds and save money on a new modem at the same time," said Christopher Davis, product manager-dial-up access for GTE Internetworking Services.

Customers will be able to order Zoom 56K modems online through a secure merchant server or at a retail outlet. GTE Internet customers will be able to buy Zoom modems for as low as $99.

This program will begin later this month.

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