How Do You Watch TV? How Would You?

Do you watch TV programming on a smartphone?  How about an Internet-connected tablet or computer?

A sea change is under way in how consumers are tuning into their favorite TV programs or other video content.  Although the trend cuts across demographics, younger, tech-savvy consumers seem to be leading the shift.  As part of a series of random, on-the-street interviews, several Washingtonians recently told Verizon that they are either watching video programming  on multiple devices wherever and whenever they want, or wish they could.

[Note: Excerpts from those interviews can be seen by clicking here. Or go to http://youtu.be/KhDdPzKpH6E to download and embed the video.]

"It's all about enhancing the borderless lifestyle for our customers and being able to download or stream on-demand and TV programming to multiple devices from the Internet or other services," said Chris Anderson, director of consumer marketing for Verizon.  "This is particularly true of those young 'techknowledgeables' between the ages of 25 to 39, who covet the mobility and freedom technology is providing them when it comes to accessing their entertainment choices on their own terms."

Verizon Delivers the Borderless Lifestyle

At the same time, Verizon continues to break down barriers to the next-generation interactive services consumers crave through such services as Flex View and FiOS TV Online, which extend the FiOS TV platform beyond the apartment or house to the Internet and a range of mobile devices.  With the advanced video operating system and viewer guide, as well as free interactive applications like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Verizon is providing the services customers have to come to demand. With the FiOS TV platform, combined with an Internet service that offers more capacity and less latency, Verizon offers a never-before-seen level of competition for consumers. 

FiOS customers also can receive Media Manager, which allows them to access on their TVs personal photos, music and videos from their computers; and In-Home Agent, which helps customers to diagnose and resolve service issues.

Streaming Is Only as Good as Your Internet Service

Of course, a positive experience when downloading movies and video or accessing TV via the Internet often can depend on the speed and reliability of your online connection.  With FiOS Internet, Verizon customers get the fastest, most reliable online link.  In its testing of Internet speeds provided by different companies, the FCC reported that FiOS Internet provides the most consistently reliable speeds, even during peak hours of the day.  The agency also concluded that regardless of time of day, FiOS provides customers more speed than they pay for.

For the latest news, updates and information about FiOS TV and Internet, visit www.verizon.com/newscenter  and http://www.verizon.com/athomeblog.

Verizon is focusing a new marketing campaign on young, tech-savvy apartment residents in various FiOS markets, including Washington, where the advanced fiber-based Internet, TV and voice service is available in apartment buildings and planned communities.  The campaign includes immersive digital advertising, an emphasis on social-media engagement and local events involving prospective customers.  Verizon will seek to reach these young professionals in places where they spend a great deal of time, such as gyms, restaurants, pubs, movie theaters, malls and transit centers.

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