How Much Do You Know About Your Wireless Phone?

How Much Do You Know About Your Wireless Phone?

July 27, 2001



As wireless technology evolves, the capability of wireless phones continues to increase at a rapid pace. As a result, many people with newer phone models may not be familiar with all of the features.

Not to be outdone by a certain late night TV talk show host, Verizon Wireless has developed a list of the "Top 12 Things You Didn't Know Your Wireless Phone May Do." For example:

  • Keyguard:
  • Enables you to lock the keypad while the phone is on, to avoid inadvertently making calls.

  • One-minute audible timer:
  • So you won't yammer on forever, you can set your phone to beep 10 seconds before the end of every minute during a call. And, not to appear rude, the person you are talking to won't hear the beeps.

  • Speed Dial:
  • You can program frequently dialed numbers into speed-dial to save time and as a safety measure while driving. Additionally some phones have 911 pre-programmed into one number on the keypad as a safety feature.

  • Voice Activated Dialing:
  • Your phone can be programmed to recognize and dial a number from the sound of your voice. "Phone Home."

  • Built-in alarm clock:
  • There's no need to rely on a hotel's wake-up service...or a rooster, for that matter.

  • Quiet mode:
  • You can turn your phone's keypad tones off, so you can dial without disturbing others around you. Many phones also have a mute button to drown out background noise on your terms.

  • Wireless Internet:
  • While you may know your wireless phone has Internet access, you may not know that it is capable of receiving more than just stock quotes and sports scores. Among the many web sites that you can access, your phone can be used to search retail comparison web sites to learn more about a product and compare prices.

  • "Vibrate" mode:
  • Calls can be received in vibrate mode to ensure that you are practicing good wireless phone etiquette by not disturbing others with a loud ring.

  • Re-settable Timer:
  • It has a built in meter. This allows you to track how much airtime you have accumulated during any time period you choose.

  • Lots of Languages:
  • You can change the language in the display. When in Rome...

  • Illuminating Backlight:
  • The backlight can stay on for a longer period of time so that you can easily dial the keypad. Night owls may find this feature particularly appealing.,

  • Fax Machine:
  • With the right attachments, your wireless phone may receive faxes.

    How did you do? Keep in mind that all phones have different capabilities and not every model offers all of the features listed above. Please see your owner's manual or contact your wireless provider to see what your phone can do. It may surprise you.

    About Verizon Wireless

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