Maryland National-Capital Park Police to Unveil Area's First Mobile Computing with Voice Recognition

September 3, 1998—BETHESDA, MD—

The Maryland-National Capital Park Police (MNCPP), Montgomery County Division, is taking crime fighting and prevention to a new high-tech level, deploying technology never before used by law enforcement to enhance the safety and efficiency of officers, and to increase the enjoyment of the parks for its 9 million visitors each year.

MNCPP Chief Elizabeth A. Kreiter announced today that 30 police cruisers patrolling Montgomery County's 432 parks across 29,000 acres now have instant, wireless access to criminal databases and Motor Vehicle Administration records via portable laptop computers linked to Bell Atlantic Mobile's AirBridge wireless data network. From the field, officers can access databases for vehicle identification number, license tag, drivers' license and criminal history checks from virtually anywhere in about 15 seconds over Bell Atlantic Mobile's fully-encrypted, secure, wireless data network.

And for what is believed to be a law enforcement first, these mobile computers are also equipped with voice recognition capability from Maryland-based Stellar Technical Systems Inc. Officers can now "speak" their reports directly into the laptop rather than typing in multiple forms, thereby increasing efficiency, and allowing them to spend more time in the field and less time in the office.

"There's no doubt that officers equipped with laptops directly linked to local, state and federal databases will function more effectively," said MNCPP Chief Elizabeth Kreiter. "The safety of our officers and the expectations of our community demand that we maximize the availability of information at the scene. Officers will be able to better assess potentially dangerous situations, and it will allow them to spend more time patrolling our community."

"MNCPP has taken the power of wireless data and meshed it with other emerging technologies to come up with remarkable efficiency advancements," said Gary Schulman, president of Bell Atlantic Mobile in Washington/ Baltimore. "They should be commended for their forethought and dedication to creatively deploying technologies which directly benefit citizens and protect officers."

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