The 'New' Bell Atlantic Privacy Principles

August 1997


Message from the Chairman and Vice Chairman

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Bell Atlantic Privacy Policies

Technology is changing the way companies do business -- and changing the way they collect and use information about customers. Used responsibly, that information can help companies serve customers better. But, with advances in communications technology come growing concerns -- by customers and policymakers -- about maintaining the privacy of individual customer information.

We take privacy concerns very seriously. NYNEX and Bell Atlantic were built on more than a century of customer service and trust, and work hard to uphold that tradition. Both companies have been guided by strong codes governing the privacy of customer communications and information. With our merger, we have combined the best of both codes to establish Privacy Principles for the new Bell Atlantic.

These Privacy Principles state our commitment and define our policy on safeguarding customer privacy. We think these guidelines are among the most progressive in the industry. They balance customer concerns about privacy with their interest in receivin g quality service and useful new products. This is especially important at a time when emerging telecommunications services present us with new business opportunities and new challenges to protecting customer privacy.

We recognize that some of our customers may be more concerned than others about the information we obtain about them. Our Principles give customers choices and flexibility regarding how we use that information. And the Principles guide our employees in handling customer information so that private information remains private.

At Bell Atlantic, we are committed to safeguarding customer privacy. We require our employees, partners and suppliers to protect the privacy of information about our customers. We're putting customers first -- and that's the key to success in this new kind of marketplace

Ray Smith
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Ivan Seidenberg
Vice Chairman, President and Chief Operating Officer

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