New 'Movers' Program Provides Stress-Free Moving Solutions; Consumers Nationwide Benefit From First-In-Class Total Moving Resource

DALLAS, DENVER and NEW YORK - Moving just got a lot easier.  With more than 20 million U.S. households (approximately 57 million people) expected to move this year, a new program and Web site - with the motto "You move. We Jump" - are being launched to reduce the stresses of moving for consumers coast-to-coast.

Beginning Wednesday (July 9), movers across the country can plan their move step-by-step at www.movearoo.com, a cost-free, interactive resource that delivers real-time assistance to consumers, while easing the entire moving process. By simply entering a home address, Movearoo helps consumers with everything from identifying the right moving company to conveniently setting up home-related services, such as phone, high-speed Internet, TV, electricity, natural gas and more.

Movearoo was established by a consortium of leading communications companies, including AT&T, Qwest and Verizon, and was developed and is managed by WhiteFence, the nation's leading online comparison-shopping marketplace for residential home services.  

When families across the country make the decision to move, they can count on Movearoo to help make that process easier. Movearoo.com is one of the most convenient and efficient places online to comparison shop and order more than a dozen critical move and home-related services - all from one place, according to the Movearoo consortium.

In addition to comparison shopping for essential home-related services, such as voice, high-speed Internet and video services on Movearoo.com, movers can:

  • Set up gas and electric service.

  • Change mailing address without a trip to the post office.

  • Request mover quotes and order moving supplies.

  • Find tips and manage the move process using an interactive checklist.

  • Subscribe to newspapers delivery, and other home services, at a new address.

  • Research and rent home appliances, furniture and more.

Future enhancements will also include a realtor and apartment finder, cost of living data, local amenities, mortgage and insurance information, as well as other tools to assist with the transition from one home to another. For customers who want extra help, Movearoo representatives are available to chat live with customers at www.movearoo.com. Movers can also call (877) 771-0771 for additional assistance.

About Movearoo
Movearoo is a powerful online marketplace for consumers to shop for, order and save money on home essential services such as phone, TV, Internet and utilities. Movearoo is established by a consortium of leading communications companies including AT&T, Qwest and Verizon. The Web site was developed and is managed by WhiteFence, the nation's leading online comparison-shopping marketplace for residential home services.