New Service Makes Switching to Verizon Broadband a Smooth Transition for New Customers

NEW YORK -- Verizon, provider of the nation's most comprehensive all-digital, fiber network, is making it easier for Internet users to sign up for Verizon FiOS or Verizon Online DSL Internet services.

Verizon is offering customers a service known as TrueSwitch, which automatically transfers certain vital personal information from the customers' former Internet service provider to the new Verizon account.  TrueSwitch copies e-mails and e-mail folders, address books, favorites and calendars to the new Verizon account and contacts friends and business associates with the customer's new Verizon.net e-mail address.  In addition, the service can close out the old account for the customer and continue to forward e-mails from the old address to the new Verizon.net address.

"TrueSwitch gives Internet users one more reason to leave their dial-up or cable modem provider," said Bill Heilig, executive director Verizon Broadband Services.  "Our choice of speeds, affordable prices, multitude of services and, now, simple way to switch, makes Verizon Online the obvious choice of consumers looking to upgrade their Internet service."

TrueSwitch is a comprehensive Internet service switching platform from Esaya Inc., a leading developer of online account-switching solutions.

The service accommodates switching among most of the popular e-mail programs, including AOL, CompuServe, Earthlink and MSN, as well as Web-based e-mail used by AT&T Worldnet, AT&T Yahoo!, Comcast, Cox, Cablevision, Juno and NetZero.  Users of such free Web-based e-mail as Gmail, Hotmail, Windows Live and Yahoo!, also are supported through TrueSwitch, as are standards-based e-mail clients like Microsoft Outlook Express Version 5 or higher and Microsoft Outlook 2000 or higher.

Customers who use a different e-mail application, but have Microsoft Outlook Express installed on their computer, may also be able to use TrueSwitch.

Customers wishing to use Trueswitch to move their e-mail and contacts to their verizon.net accounts should visit: http://www.trueswitch.com/verizon

Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ), a New York-based Dow 30 company, is a leader in delivering broadband and other wireline and wireless communication innovations to mass market, business, government and wholesale customers.  Verizon Wireless operates America's most reliable wireless network, serving nearly 57 million customers nationwide.  Verizon's Wireline operations include Verizon Business, which operates one of the most expansive wholly-owned global IP networks, and Verizon Telecom, which is deploying the nation's most advanced fiber-optic network to deliver the benefits of converged communications, information and entertainment services to customers.  For more information, visit www.verizon.com.