NYNEX to Activate $4.5 Million Call-Switching Center

October 29, 1995

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NYNEX to Activate $4.5 Million Call-Switching Center

WILLIAMSVILLE, NY -- In less than two weeks, NYNEX will activate

a $4.5 million digital call-switching system here, which will

serve as the communitys telecommunications backbone. The new system

will be located at NYNEXs North Cayuga Street central office.

The digital switching center, among the largest in Western New

York, will provide about 38,000 business and residential customers

with state-of-the-art technology for their day-to-day telephone

service, as well as advanced telecommunication needs. In addition

to Phonesmart services such as Call ID and Call Return, the Williamsville

system will make possible such new business features as ISDN (Integrated

Services Digital Network) and Digital Centrex. ISDN allows customers

to transmit and receive video, voice and data simultaneously over

a single telephone line.

Williamsville and Western New York are important markets for NYNEX,

said Joseph DeMauro, vice president and general manager for NYNEX

in the region, and this major investment in the community reflects

our commitment to be the premier provider of all forms of communications

services, now and in the years ahead.

With completion of the Williamsville project on Nov. 12, all of

NYNEXs central offices in the metropolitan Buffalo region will

be equipped with digital switching technology. The Williamsville

exchanges to be served by the new digital switch are: 626, 631,

632, 633, 634, 635, 639 and 839.

The new switching system is part of NYNEXs $1.4 billion 1995 investment

in upgrading network facilities statewide. As part of NYNEXs statewide

digital network, the Williamsville system will be a crucial element

in various telemedicine and distance learning projects.

Among the new optional features to become available through the

Williamsville switching system are:

Call ID - Displays the telephone number of the

person calling you after the first ring. Customers must order

the service from NYNEX and purchase separately the devices needed

to display numbers of incoming calls. Customers wishing to block

their numbers from appearing on Call ID devices may dial a three-digit

code before each call or may obtain the All-Call Restrict option

at no charge.

Repeat Dialing - Automatically redials a busy number

for up to 30 minutes.

Call Return - Redials the number of the last caller.

Call Trace - Sends the telephone number of the last

caller to the NYNEX Annoyance Call Bureau.

Call Answering Service - Allows residential and

small business customers to set up one or more voice mailboxes

to automatically answer calls when the customer is away from or

already on the phone.

Ringmate Service - Allows two or three telephone

numbers to be associated with one telephone line. Each number

has a distinctive ring. The service is convenient for families

with teenage children or people with home businesses.

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