P.A.L. Goes High-Tech With Bell Atlantic Mobile's Safe Summer Program (Philadelphia)

June 30, 1999-PHILADELPHIA-

Remember summer camp? No frills and modern
conveniences, just the bare necessities, right? Welcome to the high-tech
1990s, where this summer camp counselors at select Police Athletic League
(P.A.L.) centers in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, will be armed
with wireless phones, courtesy of Bell Atlantic Mobile.

The loan of 50 phones and 30 pagers, which is part of Bell Atlantic Mobile's
Safe Summer Program, will provide counselors with a direct line of communication
during off-site trips, sports programs and outdoor activities, should
an emergency arise. For added convenience, each phone is pre-programmed
to dial 9-1-1 and the individual P.A.L. center. In Philadelphia, P.A.L.
will utilize the phones and pagers to help ensure the safety of children
participating in their summer baseball league.

"By adding a wireless phone 'safety net,' we can help counselors and
staff protect their day campers by shortening response time to summer
hazards, such as accidents and falls," said Kathy Gallagher, director
of marketing for Bell Atlantic Mobile.

"The wireless phones will make our jobs a little easier in ensuring the
safety of youngsters participating in the program," said Sgt. Dan Buckley,
of PAL of Philadelphia.

The Safe Summer Program is part of Bell Atlantic Mobile's "Wireless at
Work" initiative designed to identify and assist organizations and agencies
in need of enhanced communications.