Parc Rosslyn Management Brings Verizon Concierge Service to 200 FiOS-Equipped Arlington Residential Apartments

Residents at the Verizon FiOS-equipped Parc Rosslyn apartment homes complex in Arlington are now able to enjoy an enhanced digital lifestyle with Verizon Concierge service.

Verizon Concierge, which is included as a value-added amenity to most properties with FiOS services, organizes and administers all of a building's amenities under one master platform and interface.  The virtual concierge service automates many repetitive tasks - such as delivery and visitor management - allowing the building staff to focus on providing a more personalized experience for their residents. 

For example, Verizon Concierge allows a complex's residents to communicate with each other to set up carpools or clubs; have quick and easy access to schedule property amenities; set up services from local businesses such as dry cleaners and taxis; and make reservations or place a takeout order at a local restaurant.

Verizon Concierge can even store the user's delivery and payment information.  Reordering is as easy as one click via Web browser or smartphone app.

Parc Rosslyn's North Pierce Street property, which contains 200 apartment homes, gets a customized Verizon Concierge platform with access to the property's available amenities and the surrounding services.  Users can access Verizon Concierge via the property's customized Web page.  The service also is available via mobile application for several popular smartphones, and soon will be available via a FiOS TV widget. 

"Verizon Concierge is an exciting new service, providing a robust menu of activities designed to enhance the experience of Parc Rosslyn residents and differentiate our property," said Michael Bushkoff, president of Paradigm Management Company, managers of the Parc Rosslyn property.  "With Verizon Concierge, we're offering our residents more.  We're offering them the digital lifestyle."

Eric Cevis, vice president of Verizon Enhanced Communities, which markets and sells communications and entertainment services to single- and multi-family communities, said: "Verizon Concierge complements the exceptional products and amenities offered by Parc Rosslyn management.  Residents and the property management team will find Verizon Concierge to be an invaluable tool - one that is available only to properties offering Verizon's award-winning FiOS services, delivered over our all-fiber-optic network."

(Click here to see a video on Verizon Concierge.)

Verizon Concierge Provides Safety, Convenience for Residents, Tenants

For Parc Rosslyn residents, Verizon Concierge provides five-star-hotel-like service, streamlining many tasks, increasing efficiency and saving time.  Verizon Concierge's most popular features for residents are:

  • Making reservations at local restaurants.
  • Reserving property amenities or common areas.
  • Tracking and notification of package deliveries.
  • Entering a maintenance request to have facilities management fix or replace items.

For Parc Rosslyn managers, Verizon Concierge can easily track work orders through to completion, with the system providing tracking notifications throughout the process.  In emergencies, property managers can instantly send a simultaneous voice call to up to five pre-specified phone numbers per building resident - an option not available with other property management systems.

Residential and commercial property owners and developers interested in bringing Verizon's FiOS and Verizon Concierge services to their properties can call 1-866-638-6066, e-mail FiOSNow-VEC@verizon.com or visit www.verizon.com/communities for more information.

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