Questions Small Business Should Ask When Choosing an Internet Service Provider

Small businesses should ask a few simple questions when choosing an Internet service provider (ISP).  Price shouldn't be your top priority; you need an ISP that can act as your virtual CIO (chief information officer).  Most importantly, you need a network that will support your business and provide the services you need as your business grows.  Verizon offers all this and so much more.  Before locking your business into a contract with just any ISP, find out the answers to the questions below.

Does your service provider offer:

  • Enough bandwidth to upload a MRI image in minutes or download documents in no time?

  • Fast Internet speeds that support high-bandwidth applications?

  • Dedicated Internet connection directly to your business?

  • Services available as a stand-alone or discounted in a service bundle?

  • 24 x 7 live tech support -- your own virtual CIO?

  • A small-business portal that gives you free resources to help you manage, grow and better run your business?

  • Additional discounts to FedEx, Office Depot, and Chase Paymentech, a credit processing service?

  • Services such as e-mail and document encryption, Internet security and online collaboration -- which require no equipment at your business or maintenance on your part?