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Saratoga to receive new telephone number prefix

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SARATOGA SPRINGSĀ -- NYNEX will activate a new local telephone exchange code here Nov. 1 to keep up with the area's growing telecommunications needs.

The 580 code joins the 581, 583, 584 and 587 codes used in the company's Saratoga exchange (see map). The 583 code was added on July 21, 1984, the 587 code was opened in 1978 and the 584 code in 1973.

"The need for new telephone numbers has been increasing rapidly in recent years due to normal growth and to the popularity of pocket pagers, cellular phones and fax machines," said NYNEX Northeast Vice President and General Manager Alethea Snyder.

"There are 10,000 possible number combinations with a three-digit number code," she explained. "When requests for new telephone numbers begin to exhaust the existing supply, NYNEX activates a new code."

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