Survey Reveals Wireless Phone Use Increasing In Milwaukee; Fewer Long-Distance Calls Being Made From Home Phones

Survey Reveals Wireless Phone Use Increasing In Milwaukee; Fewer Long-Distance Calls Being Made From Home Phones

Milwaukee Wireless Users Shown as Loyal to Providers, Savvy About Usage

October 2, 2002

Milwaukee, Wis.

If while walking around Milwaukee it seems like "everyone" has a wireless phone - you're nearly right. According to a recent survey conducted by Verizon Wireless, three out of five Milwaukeeans who responded, or 58.5 percent, own a wireless phone. Further, 39.3 percent of Milwaukeeans surveyed report they have owned their wireless phone less than two years, suggesting a rapid growth in wireless users in the area. And use it they do, given the fact that most respondents, or 63.9 percent, make between one and five calls a day, and 26 percent make more than six calls a day from their wireless phones.

What's more, with the attractive packages offered by wireless service providers that include a great deal of usage minutes and long-distance calling at attractive prices, using wireless phones for long-distance phones calls is growing in popularity among Milwaukee residents. Since purchasing a wireless phone, half (50.5) of those surveyed report that they make fewer long distance calls from their home landline phone, and 38 percent said they made more than 75 percent of their long-distance calls wirelessly.

Cha-Cha-Cha-Changing? Not in Brew City

Despite the fierce competition in the wireless industry, once Milwaukee residents sign on, they tend to be loyal customers to their wireless providers, with 62.3 percent of those surveyed reporting they have never changed wireless carriers.

It's Getting Personal

While wireless phones started primarily as a business tool, the survey shows that they have found a considerable consumer market in Milwaukee. More than half (57.3) of the residents surveyed said they use their wireless phones mostly or only for personal calls. In fact, the largest percentage (29.8) of people surveyed said they use their wireless phone only for personal calls.

Wireless Phones and Emergencies

And why do they have wireless phones? According to those Milwaukee residents surveyed, the most important reason cited, by 52 percent of respondents, is safety. Staying in touch with friends and family was the second most important reason (18 percent) followed by using it for business (16 percent).

Customers' actions fall in line with their emphasis on safety as 39.3 percent of those surveyed reported they have used their wireless phones in an emergency situation, and of those who have made emergency calls, virtually all (92.4 percent) said having the phone helped them to get help sooner.

In addition, almost two-thirds of the survey participants, 64.8 percent, also reported using their wireless phone in the car. While this finding suggests that being able to communicate while in a vehicle is an aspect of wireless technology that many Milwaukeeans find useful and convenient, the opportunity exists to place a greater emphasis on safety, as only 30.5 percent say they use a hands free device while driving.

Wireless Technology and the Internet

One-quarter (24.3 percent) of Milwaukee residents surveyed reported they would use their wireless phones to connect to the Internet if the service were fast. With Verizon Wireless, it is. "With our launch of Express NetworkSM, customers now can access the Internet from their Verizon Wireless phones at significantly faster speeds than they could earlier," said Tracy Nolan, president, Wisconsin/ Illinois Region, Verizon Wireless. "With data transmission bursts up to 144 kilobits per second (kbps), comparable to what most computer users get when using dial-up Internet service at home, a customer with Express Network can expect consistent speeds of 40-60 kbps. We anticipate that more and more Chicago residents will embrace this next generation of wireless technology and the many benefits it offers."

The Parker Group of Birmingham, Ala., conducted the survey of 400 Milwaukee residents in May and June of 2002. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9 percent.

About Verizon Wireless

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